Damn you Access Hollywood. We were flipping to see if Pat O’Brien had returned yet from his coke and hooker binge (he’s on The Insider but we get confused since they’re essentially the same show) and heard the souless blonde autumaton, Nancy O’Dell, utter the word Brangelina. That’s right, Access Hollywood coined a combination of Brad and Angelina who are rumored to be an item. It was bad enough having to endure the inane “Bennifer” thing. Don’t put us through six months of “Brangelina.” We never run gossip stories and could care less if Pitt and Jolie are an item. We just want the cutesy tabloid name combos to stop. If you want to give Brad and Angelina a print-friendly name, at least come up with something more interesting like Jo-Pitt, Brangenital Warts, or simply, The Pretty Fucking Stupids.

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