Todd P's Llano Estacado

Animal Collective at Todd P’s club Llano Estacado
A lot of people have been asking us about Todd P’s new space The Llano Estacado by the river in Williamsburg (NE Corner of Metropolitan & River St). We finally had a chance to investigate last night at the sold out Animal Collective show (check them out tonight at The Bowery Ballroom). It’s a huge windowless 2-level warehouse space with its main stage in the basement. Piss before you arrive, there’s a scary makeshift toilet behind a black plastic curtain. The upstairs has a smaller stage and there was some local art hanging. The club is impressively huge and refreshingly lo-fi. Definitely a DIY experiment. There were extension cords hanging from the ceiling. The sound was great even though we felt like we were in some weird post apocalyptic dungeon. Click here to go to promoter and owner Todd P’s website.
Here’s Todd’s explanation of the name:
“The Llano Estacado is pronounced law-no ez-tuh-caw-doh, it’s named after a region of West Texas, where the desert meets the Great Plains, and also a place where they willfully mispronounce Spanish words – hence the “L” sound at the beginning rather than a “Y” sound. The name was given by the conquistador Coronado, it translates as “the staked plain,” referring (by legend) to the fact that the Spanish drove stakes into the ground to mark where they were, for lack of any natural landmarks.”
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