Gang of Four reform, dates to be announced

Every time you hear a band like The Rapture, Bloc Party, or the Futureheads described as having a post-punk angular sound, remember who did it best; Gang of Four:
From ManchesterAcademy.Net
“For years promoters and fans have begged them. Now Gang of Four, the definitive punk-funk, post-punk agitators, have finally acquiesced to public demand. They have reformed in their original line-up, and will play a limited number of shows around the UK in the New Year.
The band, icons and inspiration for many of the world’s biggest acts (REM, U2, Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers), and who perhaps more than any other, serve as direct stylistic antecedents of today’s guitar heroes (step forward Franz Ferdinand, Futureheads, The Rapture, Radio 4, Liars et al), have not been seen in this formation since 1981. Jon King (vocals), Andy Gill (guitar and vocals), Dave Allen (bass) and Hugo Burnham (drums) had by then been responsible for 1978’s epochal “Damaged Goods” debut EP, as well as the genre-defining “Entertainment” album (1979) and its follow-up “Solid Gold”.

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