The Can Reissues, Dino Felipe, Dungen, Neko Case, and Recent Must-Have Releases

The first four digitally remastered recordings by our favorite Krautrockers, Can, were released to, frankly, not nearly enough fanfare. After all, this weirdo quartet of Cologne hippies influenced everyone from Brian Eno to Tortoise to Stereolab to Comets on Fire. Their long-form, improvised ambient funk merged jazz with rock. More importantly, Can was among the first to experiment with electronic improvisation.
If you’re a newcomer to their work, start with 1971’s Tago Mago. 1972’s Ege Bamyasi is equally rewarding, if not as immediately accessible. Soundtracks is an important record as well, but mainly for the people already familiar with Can’s work. Their debut, 1969’s Monster Movie is the only Can record to feature vocalist Malcolm Mooney (who later had a legendary nervous breakdown). It’s a more straightforward rock album, but the 20 minute “Yoo Doo Right” hinted at what was to come.
The release of the remainder of their catalogue is scheduled for 2005 and 2006. We can’t wait to for the reissue of Future Days, their most lovely and essential record.

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