Video: Dillinger Escape Plan at Saint Vitus

DillingerEver wonder what would happen if Dillinger Escape Plan played a five-dollar show at Saint Vitus? Well the answer, as it turns out, is the sociological equivalent of a liter of Coke and a tab of baking soda: A full-room pit, walking on heads, beer, sweat, more beer, and, of course, other generalized mayhem courtesy of NYC’s metal set who turned out in force for last night’s impromptu throwdown at the house that Satan built. If you missed out on tickets or were otherwise engaged (probably with your couch, which can be an admittedly alluring siren), dry your eyes before the corpse paint starts running and check out video of the Jersey mathcore HoFers’ set from last night below. If you’re looking for the full effect, however, you’ll first need to dim the lights, crack a cold one, and start slamming yourself off the living room walls.

The show was co-hosted by Party Masher Inc., one of latest projects from the DEP dudes and featured support from Mothership, Meek is Murder, and Torrential Downpour, whose set you can also watch below.

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Pagan Rituals played their first ever show

Last night at The Acheron members of Friends and Tear It Up debuted their new post-punk infused hardcore project Pagan Rituals. The band played a tight 20 minute set. And they’ll do it again tonight at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge in Brooklyn. A video edit of their set is below, alongside clips of the supporting acts.

Pagan Rituals at The Acheron

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Marissa Nadler and Jozef van Wissem played Saint Vitus

In what was a rather unusual billing for ‘heavy and loud’ venue Saint Vitus, Marissa Nadler and Dutch Jim Jarmusch collaborator Jozef van Wissem graced the blackened Greenpoint stage with a night of fragile bliss. Video edits of both performances are posted below.

Marissa Nadler at Saint Vitus

Jozef van Wissem at Saint Vitus

Assemble X at Knockdown Center

The tenth installment of Pat Noecker’s drone project ASSEMBLE was performed at Knockdown Center in Maspeth, Queens last Saturday. This is a complete recording of the early show. Alexandra Drewchin JR., Bonnie Baxter, James Corrigan, Jeanann Dara, David First, Kate Henderson, Laura Ortman, Michael Durek, Camilla Ha, Daniel Schlett, Sto Len, Ted McGrath, Jason Poranski, Sadaf H. and Adam Holquist simultaneously played the notes of A and E, while RAFT orchestrated musical changes and pauses to them by text message. ASSEMBLE collaborator and video artist Matthew Caron, with Peter Shapiro, Eric Drasin, Reid Bingham, Sofy Yuditskaya and Matt Romain of Fast Food Music Video handled the kaleidoscopic visuals throughout the night.

NYU celebrated Strawberry Fest with Merchandise and Mission of Burma

On Friday, May 10, NYU’s annual Strawberry Fest took over LaGuardia Place in Manhattan with all sorts of shenanigans, all and foremost a stellar billing of live bands which included Merchandise and Mission of Burma. Short video edits of their performances are posted below.

Merchandise at Strawberry Fest

Mission of Burma at Strawberry Fest

You played Nothing Changes

Pendu recording artist You played the weekly Nothing Changes party at Home Sweet Home. A 2 song video edit is below.

Retromania: Sonic Youth at Battery Park in 2008

Here’s a little Sonic Youth diddy called “Silver Rocket” from when they played Battery Park on 4th of July back in 2008.

Nails played Saint Vitus

Last Friday, Nails played a sold out show at Saint Vitus. Video of that is below, alongside clips of the openers White Widows, Early Graves and Xibalba.

Nails at Saint Vitus on May 3, 2013

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