Move over ‘Two Broke Girls,’ Ridgewood is now getting its own show


Two Broke Girls has Williamsburg. Girls has Greenpoint. Now, Quooklyn is the fictional setting for a new comedy on Fox called Weird Loners. It’s not actually going to be shot in Ridgewood, but the Queens nabe will be the setting for this new show about “four single 30-something underdogs who are unexpectedly thrust into one another’s lives and form an unlikely bond in a Queens townhouse.” Sounds adorkable terrible:

Ridgewood will be the subject of a new Fox television show, called Weird Loners. Set to hit the air later this month, the single-camera sitcom will focus on “four single 30-something underdogs who are unexpectedly thrust into one another’s lives and form an unlikely bond in a Queens townhouse.”

The characters include a romance-obsessed dental hygienist, a “whip-smart” ladies man, a “sweet, odd man-child,” and a “drop-dead gorgeous, mysterious and ethereal heartbreaker.”
The show isn’t actually filming in Ridgewood, the neighborhood was recreated on a studio lot in Los Angeles

Here’s a taste of what to expect:

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Twin Peaks returns! (But not until 2016)


It’s confirmed! David Lynch and Mark Frost signed on with SHOWTIME to create nine episodes of Twin Peaks for a new limited series. Production starts in 2015, and the show is set to air in 2016, for the 25th anniversary of the show’s ending on ABC. #damngoodcoffee


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Midnight Movies 9/26-9/28 Include Escape from New York and You’re Next

The fall horror-binge has begun, and as usual Nitehawk has you covered with some great options. This weekend’s midnight movie is You’re Next, beginning their wonderful “Final Girl” film series.  You’re Next falls pretty squarely in the “fun horror” category, along with Scream and Cabin in the Woods, playing to horror tropes without sacrificing any of the actual creepiness.  The all-white animal masks the killers wear became instantly iconic, and the “Final Girl” in this one is anything but helpless. This one makes for a perfect midnight movie. If going at midnight just isn’t your thing, Nitehawk’s brunch movie is 1963’s classic horror movie The Haunting (so not the one with Owen Wilson), and they’re presenting it in 35 mm. [Read more…]

The Knick…why are you not watching this immediately?!

The Knick

Great stories are made of great characters.  Of which, they need fulfill two essential elements:

  • They’re multifaceted and have depth (i.e., not the usual shallow monstrosities you typically see).
  • They have desire. As Vonnegut once said, “Every character should want something, even if it is only a glass of water.”

Some of you may recall it being shot in Greenpoint last October, The Knick, set in and around The NY Knickerbocker hospital of Manhattan circa early 1900s, has these characters in spades. I guarantee, will immediately draw you in.  The cast is simply amazing.  Most notable of which are Clive Owen and Andre Holland.  This may just yet be Clive’s piece de resistance in his role as Chief Surgeon Dr. John Thackery, a coke-addicted yet absolutely brilliant and endlessly driven doctor.  Andre Holland is cast as Assistant Chief Surgeon Dr. Algernon Edwards, a pioneering African-American doctor, who addresses the racist obstacles of the day head on (with both mental and physical muster). There’s Tom Cleary, the hard-drinking ambulance driver, Sister Harriet, the abortion-performing nun, Herman Barrow, the fund-pocketing snake-like hospital manager, and Cornelia Robertson, the strong willed head of the hospital’s social welfare office (and daughter to the Knick’s main benefactor Captain August Robertson).

Not for the faint of heart, there’s a fair amount of gore (especially in the operating theatre).  Steven Soderbergh excels in his double duty as both director and cinematographer (the latter under his pseudonym Peter Andrews). The sound scape is gorgeous.  Rather than opting for tracks of the time, they’ve chosen Cliff Martinez’ very modern scoring style (whose previous works include The Limey, Traffic, Solaris, and Contagion) and is simply sublime. It’s already been picked up for a second season and I cannot wait to see where it goes.

For those who have Cinemax, WATCH IT NOW.  For those without, be on the lookout as it becomes available on other “platforms”.  The first episode was being offered for free regardless of subscription and may still be dependent on whether you’ve got FIOS or Time Warner.

The Knick airs on Cinemax every Friday, 10PM EST and available On Demand.


Girls Recap: If Keira Knightley Was Lena Dunham

Last night, HBO premiered its depraved comedy about life in New York’s outer boroughs, Girls — a show as insidious and hotly anticipated as a sexually transmitted disease. Think: Sex and the City for ugly people with a fat chick named Hannah (played by the show’s writer and director, [Keira Knightley]). New York Post.

Everything men hate about the show Girls I mostly hate, too. The complexities of young women trying to find their voice, who they are, and their intertwined friendships — blah, blah, ugh, give me a tampon and a pineapple drink in a martini glass. Esquire.

[There are] five separate instances of [Keira Knightley’s] breasts in one episode. Five… seriously, pack the breasts in. Seriously. Collider.

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“Girls” Reality Show Casting Call (We Can Only Hope It’s Fake)

We love the show, but this is too much. From Craigslist via Jezebel:

Ever feel like life in the big frantic city is just too much? Are you a twenty-something young woman seeking fame, fortune, love or even a hookup with potential? How do you get from here to there when you can’t even get a seat on the L train! Come to a casting call with our Emmy-winning production company and tell us your dreams and woes, your highs and lows, your tales of *** in the city and the outrageous opportunities that have come your way. Is your circle of friends bound together by not just the parties, fights, and brunches but frequent bouts of commiserating over your struggles? It isn’t easy taking the road less travelled, but making it as a writer, designer, entrepreneur, actress/model or glorified dog walker never is!

The real life television show we are making follows the trials and tribulations of an ensemble of wise-beyond-their-years young ladies. We are with you living the dream in hipster Brooklyn and lower Manhattan. Only well educated and cultured extroverts need apply. Are you thinking about that show—”Girls?” Well we didn’t say it but. . that you mention it.

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