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New Coen Brothers Trailer: Inside Llewyn Davis

TRAILER: Blank City

Today I stumbled across the trailer for Blank City, a doc from first time filmmaker Celine Danhier, which explores the NYC underground film scene from 1977-1987 – a time that ushered in the DIY, No Wave ethos that both captivated and defined the gritty downtown streets and the artists who inhabited them. With interviews from luminaries (Jim Jarmusch, Steve Buscemi, John Waters, etc.) on their humble, Super 8 beginnings and the then upstarts they worked and played with (Patti Smith, Deborah Harry, Richard Kern, etc.), the film surveys a unique time and place where emotions and opinions were raw and art was produced for art’s sake; laying the groundwork for the independent filmmaking of today. The film is still making the festival rounds (it was a standout at last year’s Tribeca Film Fest) and is only available as a “Save” on Netflix, so a full length screening may be a long time coming (attention, indieScreen!). But, Blank City is definitely worth keeping on your radar.