Throw Vision live @ Big Buffalo Snow Lodge

Last week my buddy Layton called me up and ask if I wanted to go check Throw Vision out with him at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge. I had seen them the week before and wanted to catch a clip of this track. It’s also like 3 blocks from my apartment so I decided to swing by. Throw Vision is hands down one of the slickest bands I’ve came across. Do me a favor. Isolate the sound of each instrument and focus on it. How sick is every single person in this band? Another thing that is interest is the lead guitarist Dan, traded places with Taja who usually plays the keys and bass.

If I didn’t mention it you would have no clue. Even when they alternate instruments I’m still amazed. Do yourself a favor after watching this clip and go to and listen to some of their new EP. Enjoy!


Capture live: Throw Vision @ Spike Hill

My mouth is on time out for the rest of the year. So I can only say this band is Throw Vision and this is them live @ Spike Hill on 11/10/2012. We( threw this showcase for John Gray’s Album release party. Enjoy!