Fashion Night Out 2012 Concerts

Azealia Banks

NOTE – We’ve added St. Vincent, Three 6 Mafia, Questlove and more to the list below!

This Thursday is Fashion’s Night Out and My Social List is happy to partner with Freewilliamsburg to bring you our list of the best live performances.

6PM:  Chairlift at Prada (Soho)

6PM:  La Sera, Icona Pop (DJ ) at Helmut Lang (Soho)

6PM:  Haim at Topshop (Soho)

6PM:  Ladyhawke (DJ), Mick Rock (DJ) at Allsaints (Soho)

6PM:  We Were Promised Jetpacks, The Lonely Forest at Rockefeller Center (Midtown)

6PM:  Solange Knowles (DJ) set at DVF (Meatpacking)

6PM:  Oh Land (DJ) at DVF (Soho)

6PM:  Revered Run, DJ Ruckus at Piperlime (Soho)

6PM:  Maxwell at Jean-Michel Cazabat (West Village)

6PM:  Vanessa Carlton at Sak’s Fifth Avenue (Midtown)

6PM:  Questlove at The Hoodie Shop (Lower East Side)

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Music video: Theophilus London “Girls Girls $”

Remember when MTV used to show Liquid Television? This new Theophilus London video for the song “Girls Girls $” follows in the same style of pretty messed up cartoonography. It’s sort of reminiscent of the videos we’ve seen from Spank Rock and Das Racist, but bringing TL’s signature swagger to it, and pointing out what his main focuses are: 1) money, and 2) girls. (in no particular order)

Theophilus London “Last Name London”

This song and video play out like an introduction to Theophilus London. But if you’ve been in the game, he has been putting out solid mixtapes, singles and EPs for the past few years. It is great to see he is finally getting some recognition from a major media sources (Whattup, MTV!). This song is banging and a great tease for Timez Are Weird These Days coming out next month.

Let’s go play basketball!

Music video: Theophilus London “Why Even Try”

Always swagged out with a posse of babes, wearing a LVRS cap, probably never not having shades on, it makes sense that paparazzi would always be following around Theophilus London. This song “Why Even Try” is from the Lovers Holiday EP, the first non-mixtape release from TL, and has Sara from Tegan and Sara singing her heart out in the chorus.

I kinda wish TL-TV was a real thing.

New Theophilus London (featuring Sara of Tegan and Sara!)

Theophilus London puts out great party vibes. So even though we are all buried in snow or bundled up in a million layers, we can put T. London on and suddenly be sweatin’ it out in a club. And after releasing a bunch of great mixtapes (including the most recent I Want You, which is excellent), and as a prequel to his Warner Bros debut Lover’s Holiday EP, he’s giving us “Why Even Try.”

The track is chill and mellow, but still makes you want to move your but. Kind of something you’d expect to see played over a sexy montage. Plus it features vocals from Sara Q of Tegan and Sara. So if he wasn’t an MC with indie cred before, he certainly is now. Check the track out at SoundCloud.