Captured Live: The Yes Way @ Union Pool

I swung by Union Pool recently to catch The Yes Way’s set. It’s been since Northside Festival last year since I’ve seen them perform. Immediately I noticed 3 new faces. But only the bassist and the dude on the keyboard were new band members. Their drummer grew some manly facial hair so I didn’t recognize him until after our hand shake. My apologies Jesse. I think the keyboard adds just a perfect pinch of depth to the band. As expected, like always, they kicked ass. Here’s a clip I captured. Enjoy!


The Yes Way Tonight at Union Pool

The Yes Way will be shredding at Union Pool tonight. You should go check them out. You’ll absolutely have a good time. Here is a clip I shot of them a while back. The video doesn’t do them justice. You have to see them for yourself. The show is only $8 dollars and starts at 9PM sharp.

Also Playing tonight:
The Midnight Hollow

Union Pool
484 Union Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211


Band Alert- The Yes Way


A couple weeks ago, Brooklyn’s The Yes Way premiered a music video for “Falter” at Cameo Gallery. The story of this video completely reconstructed my thoughts of this indie rock band. It takes us on a journey of a man seeking for a little more, in a dark naughty sense. Certain scenes are raunchy whereas certain scenes are a little depressing. Watch the video below and get a free download of this track at ExportAMusic.

The Yes Way \”Falter\”

Does a professional body whipper really exist in the Williamsburg community?

These guys will be performing next Monday at The Knitting Factory, December 19th. If you happen to be lurking around Metropolitan, stop by and catch their set. The evening is called “Rock Your Face Off!”. Show begins at 7, purchase tickets over here.

Also, take a visit to The Yes Way bandpage.