The Radio Dept. Tells Us What Swedish Bands Not To Listen To, Play Music Hall of Wburg TONIGHT

At the top of many a Best of 2010 list, Clinging to a Scheme marked the return of Sweden’s The Radio Dept.– a band which has fused dreamy indie-pop with new wave subtleties in a perfect cult-following fashion since their first release in 2003. Unlike fellow Swedes that have made big headlines for dance moves in recent years — think of your Robyns, Lykke Lis, and The Knife here — The Radio Dept. keeps their beats at somber levels, inducing the sort of sway dancing one may encounter at any given Smiths night.

Staying slightly under the radar has given the band time to work out the kinks in their own sound, on their own terms, leaving a yearning fanbase at their personal whims. But if these records take 4 years to make, I say, take your time dear friends.

The Radio Dept. plays the Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight and tickets are still available. And for those of you bummed about the canceled Webster Hall show on the 3rd , your tickets will be honored tonight– so we suggest to get there early before it gets packed, and to catch the dreaminess that could only come from San Francisco, Young Prisms.

Check out our interview with The Radio Dept.’s Johan Duncanson after the jump where he talks about the band’s weary progression, whether or not Sofia Coppola catapulted them into fame and what Swedish bands we should never listen to again.

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