The Naked Heroes – Spare Change

The Naked Heroes: “Pickin’ Up A Dime”

TOMORROW NIGHT: The Naked (comic book) Heroes Play Cameo; Rock your World.

The Naked Heroes in comic form. By Benjamin Marra.

Last year we told you: no one in Brooklyn rocks harder than The Naked Heroes. This year we’re telling you again: These guys are fucking amazing.

Not only do they have an ass-kicking new record, Demon the Whiskey Down, out now, they’ve been turned into a fucking comic. By Benjamin Marra. Of Vice Magazine. You know, he did the Incredible Fantastic Adventures of Maureen Dowd?

Anyways, please, listen to their record (it’s available for FREE through Drug Front Records). If you like it you can even buy the LP and comic to have and put on display (I <3 mine) in your home. Their record release party is tomorrow night at  Cameo, which promises to be a damn good time. I better see you there.

Oh and guys? This is the video for their song Ugly Girls.  They fucking rule.

The Naked Heroes, W/ Weird Owl and MRC Riddims. Friday November 4 at Cameo Gallery, (93 N 6th Street, bet Wythe and Berry). $8, Doors @8:30 pm.

The Cure for A Cure

The Naked Heroes - Performing At Roberta's Sunday 8-1

Well, the lovely folks over at Roberta’s are throwing a benefit party this Sunday (8-1, rain or shine) to raise money and awareness for the JMML Foundation with the sounds of our favorite New Wavers — The Cure. Hence, the pun intended. We’ve been promised “cheap beer, sangria, delicious BBQ, beer funnels, and a bunch of shirtless men and women” as well as renditions of “Pictures of Me” and “Boys Don’t Cry” by several awesome local bands — Haute Piss, The Tippy Tops, Alex Drewchin, The Naked Heroes, and

There’s a $5-10 suggested donation to raise money for Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia (JMML)– a serious chronic leukemia that affects children mostly aged 4 and under. JMML’s mission is to improve the quality of life of JMML patients and families through research, education, advocacy, and charity. Or, you can be a horrible person and donate nothing while enjoying all of the above, along with food from Pies ‘n Thighs, Heritage Foods, and the culinary masters of Roberta’s. Your call, buddy.

We’ll be there, since the whole Ted Leo at Brooklyn Bowl thing is likely to be a shit show.

(times may change based on weather)
• 3 pm- The Tippy Tops
• 4 pm- The Armstrongs
• 5 pm- Alex Drewchin
• 6 pm- The Naked Heroes
• 7 pm-

The Naked Heroes

naked-heroes.jpgIn the past couple of years the power chord duo, The Naked Heroes, have become a New York staple. If you haven’t caught them live, do yourself a favor and check them out. No one rocks harder in Brooklyn. To commemorate the release of their new video, “Sheila,” George Michael Jackson and Merica Lee were nice enough to answer a few questions.

Who would you say you relate to more, George Michael or Michael Jackson?

GMJ: George Michael for sure. George Michael doesn’t give a fuck, he got caught with crack cocaine while cruising for random ass with strangers and when he got caught he told the press “It’s who I am.” Nobody else has the balls to say that, they all apologize, beg for forgiveness and act like total pussies. Also, I’m a big sucker for that Wham Christmas song.

ML: Ya, Wham.

What’s it like being in a band with your spouse?

GMJ: It’s pretty much the best thing ever. It feels like one big interconnected Jenga game of life and rock ‘n’ roll.

ML: Totally! But, I can’t help thinking GMJ longs for the decadent rock slut days of the 70’s and 80’s. All of a sudden being on tour with your wife doesn’t sound so cool…

She doesn’t mind you singing about “Sheila?”

ML: Are you kidding! Sheila is such a Rock ‘n’ Roll… concept. Sheila means “musical” in Celtic. There’s the Smiths song “Sheila take a bow.” Fucking awesome Sheila E. and of course, Ready For The World’s “Oh Sheila”.

GMJ: Are you stoned?

Who leaves more hair in the shower?

GMJ: Merica’s extensions definitely get caught in the drain.

Where are you and Merica from. How long you been in Greenpoint?

GMJ: I’ve been in Greenpoint for 10 years now. I love it here. I wish I knew some Polish though, you would think I would have picked some up but I haven’t at all. Our deli guy Sam is Palestinian and speaks fluent Polish and about 5 other languages. Sam is my language hero. By the way, our deli on the corner of Diamond and Nassau is the best deli ever. Sam, Moe and all those guys are great. Sam even made a cameo in the “Sheila” video.

ML: Plus, 99 Diamond is a little Rock Oasis.

Excluding The Naked Heroes, who rocks the hardest in Brooklyn?

GMJ: Born Loose. Larry May is a consummate frontman and entertainer. I saw those guys rock The Charleston at 1am a few months back and part of my face is probably still in a dirty corner somewhere.

ML: Ya, Larry May. I saw him barf onstage once!

Pick one: Mastodon, Lightning Bolt, High on Fire.

GMJ: Mastodon.

ML: But the dude from High on Fire is so freakin’ hot.

What’s your favorite place to hang in the hood.

The Palace is by far our favorite. Jerry and Johnny are hilarious awesome dudes and you can guarentee you will hear some Dio or old school Metallica when you’re there. Just don’t ever go in the back room or they will drag you onto the street

When can we see you perform next?

GMJ: We are releasing a limited edition picture disc vinyl 12″ of our record “99 Diamond” on Drug Front Records and will be having a release party for that soon but we haven’t nailed down a date yet. Our next show is March 31st at Trash Bar with Runny / The Whores and The Heartpunchers. Ken from Runny directed our video for “Sheila” and he rocks the stage like no other.

ML: But, stay tuned; we play Brooklyn all the time.