Top 5 shows of the weekend


Love is in the air, or not, this weekend; I’ll be able to help with the latter. Hopefully it’s a long one for all, however, with President’s Day on Monday. Forget about the potential -18 degrees Celsius temperatures (come on people, let’s stop using Fahrenheit, it’s so unbecoming and idiotic), wrap up warm and get out of the yawning chasm of nihilism that has been 2016 so far, we’re better than this.

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Top 5 shows of the weekend


January always seems like a slow month gig-wise, but things are starting to pick up the pace. Ok, so there might be a snowstorm – deal with it, and consider how lucky we’ve been this winter as it is. Regardless of what the elements have in store, you’ll be well rewarded for any efforts made this weekend (although 8 inches of snow is enough to justify that netflix marathon, granted).

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Market Hotel reopening with regular shows this month featuring DIIV and more

Zachary Cole Smith

DIIV’s Zachary Cole Smith; credit Sandy Kim

The popular club reopened with a special event in December. Sleater Kinney! Now they’ve announced a bunch of regular shows beginning Friday 1/22 with a reopening party featuring Via App, Kill Alters, Dreamcrusher and Malory. Plus, DIIV is headlining three nights in March:

After 5 years of hard work, we just got word that Market Hotel is finally able to reopen for regular shows at the end of this month! [Read more…]

The Market Hotel reopened Wednesday with Sleater-Kinney


Sleater-Kinney at Market Hotel, credit Vulture

We missed this charming, crappy Todd P joint, especially since so many other clubs have closed of late. Welcome back! Vulture has a behind-the-scenes rundown of Wednesday’s show:

Market Hotel still shows glimpses of the shithole it once was, mostly in the sense that it’s a work in progress. The bathrooms are surprisingly clean, considering what they used to look like, even if there are signs excusing the “temporary privacy solution” of a half-finished carpentry job. [Read more…]