Apex Fest Recap

Last Sunday at Public Assembly and Monday at The Flat the fifth installment of Annihilvs’s Apex Fest tried to annihilate Brooklyn with a tidal wave of power electronics, harsh noise, ambient and other forms of electronically fueled sonic warfare. Below is a complete video recap of every single artist

En Nihil

The [Law-Rah] Collective

More onslaughts after the break [Read more…]

A Russian Party, FREE Vodka Tonight at The Flat

Swing by beloved neighborhood bar, The Flat, tonight to encounter some of your favorite Ruskis…

Plus, a DJ set by Slava will be setting the mood which is kind of a big deal considering the party is FREE.

Did we mention, open vodka bar at 10:30!? See you slurry babes there!

The Flat

308 Hooper (btwn S. 5th & Broadway)

10:30pm, 21+