Captured live at Brooklyn Bowl: The Drums

I went and caught The Drums over at Brooklyn Bowl lastnight. Thank you Spin Magazine and Diet Coke for a great night of music. I wasn’t in a drinking mood so I definitely drank atleast 4 of those free sodas being passed out. I’ve always thought The Drums studio stuff was good but I must say they’re about 2X’s better live. Outstanding set! Enjoy!

4Knots Festival happened at South Street Seaport

Despite getting ‘slightly’ interrupted by a fire on Pier 17, last Saturday’s 4Knots Festival ran more or less smoothly. The show was stopped for about 40 minutes, causing set list cuts and delays for the remaining 3 bands on the main stage. At least it wasn’t cancelled altogether as the pier at one point was partially evacuated and the PA system taken down. Be that as it may, the delays in combination with prior obligations made us miss Archers of Loaf’s headlining set. However, we caught Crocodiles and The Drums. Both of which played to a large and very enthusiastic crowd. Videos are below.

Coping With Mother Nature

Mother nature teased us with amazing weather all weekend only to wake us up Monday and Tuesday to an intense case of blue balls. “Rain rain go away come back another day!” because you’re ruining my life with this rain crap. I’m so ready for McCarren Pool (capacity 900 hipsters = roughly 15,000 tattoos) to open this summer. In the meantime, we have no choice but to cope. If you’re lame and don’t plan on coming out to play after work today, no worries, here are a few videos to keep you occupied and get some testosterone circulating in those “Gonads”. I’m Justin Little by the way, whisper sweet nothings into my ear if you hear something you like. Enjoy!

Chicago – I’m a Man

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