The Death Set: “Can You See Straight” video

Tour videos are always a ton of fun. Watching a band going from city to city having a blast, rocking out and hanging out in foreign locales. Even when those videos include a lot of footage of your own borough, it is still a lot of fun to see it smashed up against footage of Paris. Plus, this Death Set song is a great listen.

Get Your Hump On With The Death Set Mixtape

From the lovely folks over at Mishka:

Those wacky Australian, now Brooklyn based funbags, The Death Set (changed spacing), have really gone and done it now.  This is an amazing 43-track party mix that will make for a great party but I wouldn’t put this on at a house party because it will turn into a whirling tornado of humping and grinding, bumping and jiving, slamming and sliding.

Don’t play this at a house party!? Puh-lease! I want to extend a special thanks to The Death Set kids for releasing the soundtrack to my birthday party just in time.

And if you want to get your hump on, swing by The Cove tonight to celebrate the release of Artificially Sweetened with open bars, a live performance, and DJ sets galore! Details after the jump…

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Superfest was off the hook

Saturday’s 24hr non stop party in a Brooklyn warehouse space on Ten Eyck Street was off the hook. A positively reckless crowd turned the East Williamsburg Industrial Park location into a roving pit during the sets of local favorites like Ninjasonik, The Death Set and Team Robespierre. Below is some footage of aforementioned bands.

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