Top 5 shows of the weekend


We return to our regular schedule after last weekend’s Northside Festival. Happy weekend everybody! It’s a truly wonderful day… and that’s probably only because England just beat Wales in the European Championships… as a result, this entry will be brief, but it’s all about the quality of the acts anyway!

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Robert Smith appears on this new Crystal Castles song!

So, who wants to put together a joint-Halloween costume where we dress as Robert Smith and Alice Glass and walk around parties being way more goth than EVERYONE? Done. Let’s do it.

This new Crystal Castles jam, “Not in Love,” featuring Robert Smith is sure to be appearing on the stereos of every hip party this spooky holiday season. It is catchy and really does sound like an equal mix of The Cure and Crystal Castles. Meaning: It is awesome. Listen over at Pitchfork.