Top 5 Shows of the weekend

napalmdeathDISCLAIMER: The real number one show of the weekend is the Bernie Sanders rally at Prospect Park on Sunday. I just couldn’t rank a Grizzly Bear set ahead of any of the other shows on the list. Please be advised that the FREEwilliamsburg staff wholeheartedly feels the Bern. But we also feel doom, post-punk, thrash and hardcore. We suspect Mr. Sanders does as well. All those memes told us so. You know the ones. GO BERNIE! [Read more…]

Top 5 shows of the weekend


The week started off pretty well for shows and as usual we’ve got some great options with which to end it. Maybe just like all that snow and slush, our troubles can melt away, in our case with the aid of a gig or five! Before I start the list I’d like to note that you should get out to Cloud City (85 North 1st Street) as the RIP DIY exhibit ends on the 15th of March. More information can be found here.

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