The Edward Snowden statue has been freed and will be displayed in Williamsburg starting tomorrow

photo via Magda Sawon

photo via Magda Sawon

After being removed by police from its stealthily erected Fort Greene Park location and finally freed from custody yesterday, the Edward Snowden bust will be ready for viewing tomorrow. The 100 pound statue is the creation of Internet legends Jeff Greenspan and Andrew Tider according to Brooklyn Paper and will be displayed in Williamsburg starting at 6pm Friday. The piece will a part of the Pierogi Gallery’s SEVEN exhibition at their Boiler space on North 14th street:

SEVEN at The Boiler
Anonymity, no longer an option
8-17 May, 2015
Opening Reception:
Friday, 8 May. 6-9pm
The Boiler 191 N. 14th St. Brooklyn, NY

Check out more info about the exhibition here.


Looking Up: Skyward at The Boiler

Kevin Cooley: Skyward at The Boiler

When my alarm goes off, I immediately think: “Still winter. What would Louis CK do?” I figure I can order a pizza at 7:00am, Hour of Darkness that it is, and swim in a combination of shame/disgust, but I stick to a milder routine: mumble some made-up obscenity, wave a middle finger in the general direction of my window, and stare at my economy-sized container of Vitamin D supplements, all while mopping up an endless stream of poisonous, pitch-black tears. What I’m getting at is this: Stop crying and pack up your sun lamp, ‘cause this seasonal affective garbage is almost over.

Before we push the clocks forward, though, there’s Kevin Cooley’s Skyward at The Boiler and its blue stretch of surreal Los Angeles sky. The video installation—a single tracking shot that starts downtown and takes us to Palos Verdes—plays 40 feet above a plot of artificial turf, where you can sprawl out like a stargazer—like you’re kicking back in a convertible—and make the misanthropic monstrosity of MTA rush hour take a backseat. And that’s nice, isn’t it?—trading out underground asphyxiation for something kinder to human maladjustment? Something that doesn’t involve a subterranean stranger shaking down your idea of personal space and breathing so hard on you that he must think you’ll cut him a check with a dollar amount that matches MPH? Yeah, that’s nice.

What’s also nice is a prescription of airplanes, palm trees, freeways, and feathered creatures.  Here’s to temporary teleportation—to daydreams of Malibu Barbie and Ryan Gosling, ca. 2011. Through March 17.

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