Top 5 shows of the weekend


After just about digesting all the food from the Vendy Awards last weekend it’s once again time to turn our attention to music. The weather looks like it should be just about perfect, so I can think of nothing better than to hole up inside at a show!

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Top 5 shows of the weekend


Summer is officially OVER everyone, get over it. Autumn is upon us, time to break out the jackets and embrace more comfortable temperatures (who am I kidding, this might be the warmest September on record). Don’t forget it’s Brooklyn Pour this weekend as well, so you can celebrate/commiserate the change of seasons to your heart’s content. The pope is in town, unfortunately, and while he has said some nicer things than recent popes (I’m setting the bar low), until he comes out and does something truly progressive that can save lives, like supporting contraception and women’s rights, he’s little more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing (perfect example – their position on climate change). Great use of public money and resources, guys. One way of avoiding a man who has to have his testicles fondled before he can take up the job is to enjoy a show instead, and there are some great ones this weekend!

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April Showers Us in Beats: This Month’s Must See Shows


I write to you from a coffee shop in Singapore where April showers are alive and well. No seriously, it’s fucking pouring here. I thought it was the dry season? And dammit, why aren’t we in a bar? I’ve spent the last two weeks in Southeast Asia, and I’ve learned quite a lot: 1.) Thailand has a deep love for Adele, 2.) I really need to invest in a backpack, and 3.) I’m totally okay with riding in the backs of strange trucks as a mode of long distance transportation. Seriously, my parents would smack me in the face if they saw the creepy white minivans that were endlessly presented to us as our “buses”. While trying to get to a remote island, I rode in one for about six hours sans AC and full of mosquitos. That’s Thailand, folks!

But for real, it’s amazing over here. The food is incredible. The beaches are unbelievably beautiful. The people have such an ease about them – completely different from the hustle and bustle I’m used to in NYC. And despite the fact that I probably could have lived happily ever after in the tiny beach town of Koh Lanta giving $4 massages and moving my ass to dance remixes of Set Fire to the Rain, I realize that what we have in our big city is actually pretty special. I may have a 19-hour flight, in which I’ll inevitably have to sit bitch, ahead of me, I’m excited to come home for a number of reasons, and one of them is all of the amazing shows coming up this month.

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Top 5 shows of the weekend


This wretched month will finally come to an end by the time the weekend is out, but February does leave us a nice parting gift in the form of some fantastic shows that should get you out of whatever hopefully warm abode you call home.

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REVIEW: Dillon Francis Lost His Pants at Terminal 5, and We Lost Our Minds


Dillon Francis brought his Friends Rule Tour to Terminal 5 this Weekend

Photos by Tyler Etheridge

Terminal 5 got dirty for Dillon Francis this weekend. I’m talking, sweat was literally dripping from the ceiling, dirty. And that’s the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it.

Dillon Francis’s sold out Friday night performance was an endless barrage of bass and special guests that satisfied longtime fans of the 27-year-old DJ/Producer/Internet Celeb/Comedian/Guy who will babysit your kid for a hefty price tag of $7,500, while winning over new fans as well. The positive vibes, impeccable showmanship and seemingly endless surprises made this, quite possibly, the best show I’ve ever experienced at the often sub-par Midtown West venue. I didn’t even care that I had to wade through fake ID-toting teenagers who opted to wear tube tops and bikini bottoms in 18 degree weather. This was a special occasion. Dillon Fucking Francis was in town, and that meant that rules were going to be broken. I hope the girl who was so drunk she could hardly stand and crying her eyes out in the crop top and jeans found her way back to Jersey, because her friends were NOT GONNA MISS DILLON FRANCIS. They made that very clear. And sorry not sorry, I had to silently support them. SORRY GIRLFRAN YOU DUN FUCKED UP.

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Review: Future Islands spoiled, uplifted Terminal 5


As their secret set during Death By Audio’s final week was well worth the freezing cold wait around the block, so too was the freezing cold walk to Terminal 5 for Future Island’s second sold out show this past Friday. The sheer charisma and dedication of the band, specifically lead singer Samuel T Herring, is astounding. And while following such an intimate, emotional show at Death By Audio should be a difficult feat, Future Islands really only one-upped themselves. These guys have been playing together for 8 years and the emotion they still bring to their live show is uncanny.

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REVIEW: Flosstradamus’s #HDYNATION Tour Misses the Point


Five-Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six-Hundred Ratchets. Is that the set of Broadway’s beloved show RENT, or are these dudes in bullet proof vests going to attempt to get us more TURNT than LGBT issues and the AIDS crisis? (Seriously tho, doesn’t the #HDYNATION production legit look like HDYRENT?) Saturday night’s performance had me begging the question, “How do you balance an elaborate ‘Fuckthapolice-a-thon’ with a multi-level stage show?” When will the crowd get tired of you throwing water bottles at them? Did they really just launch a tiny pine tree into the crowd? Fuck, that really looks like RENT, except everyone here has HPV instead of HIV.

Several of the aforementioned elements had me wondering what’s truly important when it comes to putting together a fully realized tour. And I came to the conclusion that maybe when you’re a DJ duo that excels at playing singles, you should stick with that approach rather than attempting to grasp for a storyline that doesn’t exist. At the very least, avoid building a storyline about poverty, discrimination, corruption and adversity that is so far away from the truth for the target audience to which you’re playing. I’m just saying, what do a bunch of underage, rich white kids with Taylor Swift Disease know about being hood? I can guarantee you they know more about the hit musical RENT, so maybe that was the inspiration. Or maybe I should just get off my high horse and enjoy a silly EDM show for what it is: FUN.

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INTERVIEW: Graham Fink of Milo Greene

Milo Greene - Pub 1 -Hartman_Harris

West Coast electro-pop quartet Milo Greene (the band, not the fictional agent) is back on the road, and this time they’re promoting their sophomore album, Control, out this January on Atlantic Records. They’ll be supporting Bombay Bicycle Club at Terminal 5, this Wednesday October 22nd as part of the official CMJ lineup. I chatted with band member Graham Fink about tour life, their exciting new sound and why there’s nothing better on the road than hardcore super fans.

MV: I know that you guys just started your tour and that you’re playing a lot of tracks from the new album. Are you feeling really awesome?

GF: Yeah, it’s been really great so far. The first show or two were a little nervewracking just because we’ve never played any of these songs before, and we’re playing seven songs from the new album in our set list, so there’s a lot of new material to push through. But I think we’ve kind of found our stride and it feels really good. The crowds seem to be receptive. If our merch numbers are any indicator, I would say that people really like it. We’ve had to reorder merch two or three times already and it’s the first week of tour. It’s fun to get out there and play new stuff. It’s a nice combination of making new fans from the people who are coming out to see Bombay Bicycle Club, and then our existing fans coming out to see the change and the progress.

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