Pussy Riot to perform in Brooklyn next month!


Well, not all of them. It’s part of an Amnesty concert scheduled for February 5 at The Barclays center. Flaming Lips and many others will be performing as well:

No need to refresh your browser- this is not an editing error or a dream-like illusion of your feminist imagination. Musical heroines Pussy Riot will perform in Amnesty International’s Bringing Human Rights Home concert at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on February 5.

“We are happy to support Amnesty International’s work on behalf of human rights and political prisoners,” said Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhina, the two members of Pussy Riot that were recently released after serving 21 months in prison. [Read more…]

Music video: Theophilus London “Why Even Try”

Always swagged out with a posse of babes, wearing a LVRS cap, probably never not having shades on, it makes sense that paparazzi would always be following around Theophilus London. This song “Why Even Try” is from the Lovers Holiday EP, the first non-mixtape release from TL, and has Sara from Tegan and Sara singing her heart out in the chorus.

I kinda wish TL-TV was a real thing.

New Theophilus London (featuring Sara of Tegan and Sara!)

Theophilus London puts out great party vibes. So even though we are all buried in snow or bundled up in a million layers, we can put T. London on and suddenly be sweatin’ it out in a club. And after releasing a bunch of great mixtapes (including the most recent I Want You, which is excellent), and as a prequel to his Warner Bros debut Lover’s Holiday EP, he’s giving us “Why Even Try.”

The track is chill and mellow, but still makes you want to move your but. Kind of something you’d expect to see played over a sexy montage. Plus it features vocals from Sara Q of Tegan and Sara. So if he wasn’t an MC with indie cred before, he certainly is now. Check the track out at SoundCloud.