Ty Segall Covers T. Rex

I spent a good amount of time in college drinking whiskey and listening to T. Rex records. (That’s what college was, right?) And it turns out, I wasn’t the only one. This weekend, as part of Record Store Day, Ty Segall will release a 6-song EP entirely of T. Rex Covers. Guess what it’s gonna be called? Ty Rex! Get it! (You get it.) Check out his rendition of the song “Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart” below. (via Altered Zones)

This is just one of many impressive releases coming to your local record store on Saturday. Where will you be picking up stacks of vinyl to celebrate? Any other Record Store Day releases you are really stoked on?

Ty Segall: “Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart” (T. Rex Cover) by alteredzones