Tørst Opens Tonite! Greenpoint’s New Geeky, Scandinavian, Craft Beer Bar Has A ‘Flux Capacitor’

Torst, Photo: Melissa Hom

615 Manhattan Ave., Greenpoint

Craft beer lovers have been buzzing about Greenpoint’s hightly anticipated Scandinavian beer joint Tørst, which FINALLY opens tonight. The space is by the same company who designed Paulie Gee’s, Donna, Goat Town and duckduck (so it’s going to be beautiful). But we’re, of course, more excited about the beer.

Grub Street has a first look:

Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø — the cult brewer behind Denmark’s Evil Twin — and Daniel Burns — who has worked at Noma and Momofuku Labs — will open the doors to Tørst [Friday], one of the most anticipated beer bars in years. Burns says a full, separate kitchen is in the works for May; right now he’s got an oven and a meat slicer… Burns says there may also eventually be a ten-course tasting with individual pairings “of beer you can’t get anywhere else.”

Beer nerds will undoubtedly geek out about the technology behind the bar which has its own, um, FLUX CAPACITOR: [Read more…]

Tørst: Craft Beer Bar With Scandinavian-influenced Fare (Coming Soon to Greenpoint)

Greenpoint is becoming an essential stop for beer snobs. We’re looking forward to this opening from Momofuku alum Daniel Burns!

Before working as the head of research and development for the Momofuku restaurants, chef Daniel Burns cooked at The Fat Duck in England, and he built and ran the pastry program at Noma in Copenhagen. Somewhere along the way, he connected with Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø, an acclaimed Danish brewer who has created beer for some of the world’s best restaurants. Now Daniel and Jeppe are teaming up to open a new Brooklyn project that they hope will be the best beer bar in the country.

The bar is called Tørst (the Danish word for “thirst”), and it will open at 615 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, just around the corner from the Nassau Avenue G-train station.Jeppe is curating the beer list, which will feature about 20 beers on tap. Jeppe owns both a brewing company, Evil Twin Brewing, and a beer distribution company, so he has deep connections in the world of European craft beer. The menu is still a work in progress, but expect a few selections that have never been served before in the United States. The bar will also have a special beer storage system, where the ales will be kept at different temperatures — serious beer nerd stuff.

In addition to the barroom up front, the space will also have a 25-seat restaurant in the back called Luksus (the Danish word for “luxury”) where Burns will serve a menu of Scandinavian-influenced American fare, all paired with beer. Burns notes: “We want to focus on food that will go well with the beer.” The restaurant will open a few months after the bar up front