Summer Will Be Wetter, Hotter Than Usual


This summer is going to suck majorly, the New York Post reports. You thought winter was bad? Fuck you. You can always put on more clothes. You can only take off so much, though, and last time I checked it’s still illegal to be fully nude in this city.

Sandi Duncan, managing editor for Farmer’s Almanac (which is still a thing, apparently), told the Post that, “It looks like it’s going to be an oppressively hot and humid summer for the New York area.”

Oh, and we’re also going to get a hurricane in September. It’s shaping up to be a pretty shitty summer.

The Best Bars To Drink Outside In Greenpoint

tbd beer garden_edited


Last week we told you where to drink outside in Williamsburg. Now, we have your guide to places to drink outside in Greenpoint. It’s that time of year, so have one on us at T.B.D., No Name Bar, or any of the other fine drinking establishments in Greenpoint.

Check back next week for our guide to drinking outside in Bushwick.

Glasslands Offers Summer Pass For Shows (Including FREE Drinks)

From our friends over at Glasslands:

Kick back and picture this Summer: the BBQs, the parks, the lemonade, the never-ending string of concerts, events, and parties.

Leave that last part to us. This limited-run season pass gets you:

– Entry into every Glasslands event this Summer, no matter what price, no matter how full, no funny business

– One free drink every time you stop by

That’s over 120 events, so bring a sleeping bag maybe and settle in for the long haul?

** Very limited run **

Looks like other season passes will be available in the future as well. Get yours here for the steep upfront cost of $225 — although when you do the math, this hip little card ultimately pays for itself if you’re looking to do a show or two a week through the season. Here’s hoping the Popgun boys can make some of that sweet new Williamsburg waterfront property money.

Sunday Pig Roasts at Crown Victoria

From the inbox:

John Ratliff of Ends Meat (formally of Anella & Calyer) and Jose Ramierz-Ruiz (formally of Isa) are now doing weekly pig roasts at Crown Vic in Williamsburg on Sundays. The pigs are heritage breed from a local farm and roasted over custom built rotating spits.The chefs roasts the pigs all day starting at noon till the meat runs out in different styles that vary each week. 2 weeks ago they did a riff on babi guling from Ibu Oka in Bali. The meat comes with an assortment of sides, and the plates usually go for around $15-17. Starts at 5 until pigs gone. Usually 10

More information about Crown Victoria bar here.

These Summer Camp Movies Will Get You In The Mood

When you finish school and start working a 9 to 5, it becomes harder to tell when summer begins. Now that July 4th has come and gone, here are some sleepaway camp movies to help kick things off and remind you of that time when summer was more than seasonal beers and leaving work early on Fridays.

1. Wet Hot American Summer: It’s everyone’s favorite movie about a group of counselors on the last day of camp. The team from The State/Stella is at their funniest, plus it’s set in the ’80s. There don’t seem to be any local WHAS parties happening this year (correct us if we’re wrong!), but it is streaming on Netflix. Plus there’s also the recently-announced prequel to look forward to.

2. Heavyweights: This mid-’90s movie sometimes gets overlooked because it’s Disney, but it was co-written by Judd Apatow and his “male misfits” theme foreshadows Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared, The 40 Year Old Virgin, and plenty more. It follows a group of kids at a fat camp taken over by Ben Stiller’s Tony Perkis. It’s also got All That-era Kenan Thompson.

3. Friday the 13th 1 and 2: Counselors are the victims in the classic slasher series. These movies have everything – mommy issues, the legendary Jason Voorhees, and a shaggy haired Kevin Bacon. We’ve only seen the first two, but 8 of the 9 movies are streaming on Netflix.

There’s bound to be a ton we’re forgetting. Meatballs? Camp Nowhere? Leave your favorites in the comments.

88 Reasons Summer in the City is The Tits

Photo courtesy of Charles Andrisano

Our friends over at Brokelyn have come up with “88 reasons why summer belongs to brokesters” and it is awesome (not just because of the discounts/free events listed). Our personal favorites include:

4. Skinny jeans and gnarly beards are enough to win you discounts at the Brooklyn Cyclones’ Williamsburg Night.

8. Naked bike riding. Naked book reading. Why do anything with clothes on?

9. Less clothing also means less laundry

35. Don’t think we forgot about fire hydrants. All you have to do is find a sexy fireman and ask him to open one.

75. Those 6am walks home from the party are a lot more sparkly and sweet in the summer. Until the sky explodes and out comes the angry sun from Super Mario 3.

88. A broke-ass pizza-delivering baby-daddy named Mookie did right by his lady with a few well-placed ice cubes. Go fill that tray right now.

And obviously:

80. The satisfying sound of popping a Brooklyn Summer Ale with a lighter from your pocket.


Visit the site to view all 88 reasons, and all the ways to save major moolah this summer .

Summer Events at Governors Island

via New York Times

The fine folks over at Brokelyn have compiled a comprehensive list of events happening on Governors IslandYou can find the entire list by clicking here.

McCarren Park Pool Has Water And Will Reopen On June 28th

Geoffrey Croft/NYC Park Advocates

The long anticipated return of the McCarren Park Pool  – which opened in 1936, closed in 1983, and hosted some of the best summer concerts between 2005 and 2008 – is scheduled for June 28th with a ceremony at 11 a.m. According to Geoffrey Croft of the group NYC Park Advocates, the pool will accommodate 1,500 swimmers. Renovations to the pool, recreation center, bathhouse, and entry arch cost $50 million. Some of the rec center may even open in time for Memorial Day on May 28th.

Amenities at the new facility will include a volleyball court, beach, and spray showers. The rec center will have a basketball court, weight room, dance studio, cardio room, and “multipurpose community space.” Make sure to keep an eye out for decorative wood panels, which developers recycled from the Coney Island boardwalk.

As we previously posted, locals can enjoy the space year round, as the city has put out a call for proposals to turn the pool deck into an ice skating rink in the winter.