Subway PSAs from the 40s and 70s & Kubrick’s vintage subway photos

“Find yourself swept along on an endless tide of humanity” – a Seventies PSA for the New York subway system:

This one from the 40s is great too:

Gothamist has some fantastic subway photos from Stanley Kubrick: [Read more…]

Track Your Subway Commute Time

Of course, this doesn’t account for the fact that the G and L trains don’t even seem to run on weekends anymore.

Here’s Louis CK on the headache of taking the subway (via Brokelyn):

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Is this the worst outfit ever worn on a NYC subway car?


Update: He is a performance artist who goes by Black Pizza among other things. Go to 3:22 in this clip to see him ‘performing.’

I can only see four possible explanations for this.

1. Losing a terrible bet
2. Being a racist/terrible person.
3. Being mentally insane
4. Not being able to read and thinking your shirt says ‘New Boot Goofin.’

Spotted via Reddit


Amazing NY Subway Compilation From The 70s and 80s


Yes, that’s Woody Allen throwing Stallone off the subway. Here’s the rest, via Gothamist: [Read more…]

Wifi added to 30 new subway stations today

Photo via Untappedcities

The MTA expanded their underground Wifi coverage to 30 new stations today. Now let’s bring service over to Brooklyn! See a map by WNYC of the Wifi enabled stations below:


See the proposed design for better subway seating

photo via

The Transportation Research Board in New York is recommending a new design for subways cars that opens up the middle areas for more standing room by removing seats and placing them at the far ends for longer distance commuters. From Wired:

New York transit passengers prefer standing near a door to standing in the middle of the car, even when more space is available there. The planners recommend cars with asymmetrical door placements, to “lure” passengers away from crowding the door areas. And “straphangers” may be a misnomer, since standees prefer grabbing onto vertical poles in the middle of cars to reaching for the horizontal poles above seats.

Below is the current layout, followed by the proposed layout. What do you think?

Read more at Wired


Don’t worry that guy staring at you on the subway is just drawing your face

65-year old Yuri Modlikskiy enjoys staring at people in the NYC Subway because he wants to sketch them (not sketch them out). While people might not be asking him to draw them like one of his French girls, the response has been favorable in general. From NY Post:

“For you, a present,” Modlikskiy said during a recent trip, as he tapped a young, bearded man on the arm. The expression on the man’s face quickly went from suspicious to delighted when he realized what Modlikskiy had created.

“Oh, wow, that’s amazing,” the man said. “Can you sign it for me?”


Sax Battle on the A train

NYC subway riders thought they were only getting a one sax show from Zach Mayer until Sapphire Adizes jumped up and took him to battle. Watch them duel through [Read more…]