Video: Hilarious fake book covers on the L train

fakecoversIf you’ve seen a guy reading a hilariously over the top book on the subway recently it was probably comedian Scott Rogowsky. Scott took to the L train with made up book covers such as How To Hold A Fart In, How To Score An Asian Girlfriend On The L Train, Gone Girl 2: Even Goner, and [Read more…]

Man struck by G train at Nassau Avenue station

Digital CameraEarly this morning a man was seriously injured after being hit by a G train at the Nassau Avenue stop. From [Read more…]

What should you do if you run into someone you know on the subway?


It’s 8:30 AM Monday morning. As you slowly walk to the L train, the only thing that is keeping you from stepping in front of a delivery man’s bicycle to get you out of work is a new episode of Radiolab in your earbuds. As you walk down the stairs towards the train you hear [Read more…]

We’re stuck with MetroCards until 2022

metrocardRemember when the MTA said they were going to replace the MetroCard with futuristic EZ-Pass-like technology? Of course you do. Anyone who’s ever been stuck in a line behind some idiot who can’t swipe their card correctly while the train is entering the station and AHHH you’re gonna be late (or worse, have been the red-faced idiot who can’t get the swipy thing to work – DeKalb stop people STAND UP) rejoiced. So in a word… everyone. This magical dreamworld where you don’t have to juggle your wallet, keys, coffee and iPod to fish out a little card while doing an irritated powerwalk to the turnstile didn’t even seem to be that far off in the future: 2019. Unfortunately, the MTA announced that plans have changed and it looks like the new tech won’t be rolled out until 2022. [Read more…]

The MTA’s terrifying PSA video


This scared the bejesus out of us.

Okay, we get the point! This is the scariest thing we’ve seen since David Lynch did a PSA on rats for New York: [Read more…]

Don’t be that annoying backpack person on the subway

backpackGawker posted some helpful tips today for people who wear backpacks. Wearing your backpack in a crowded subway car (especially the L train) can really make you the bane of your fellow rider’s existence. From [Read more…]

So this dude was hanging out with his wang out on the 4 train this morning (NSFW)


Good morning, everybody! If you’re having a bad day so far, just remember that you didn’t have to stare at this during your morning commute!

The best string of comments from the Reddit thread where the lovely image was posted (beware: very NSFW):

[–]p1um5mu991er 16 points 58 minutes ago

like an egg in a bird’s nest

[–]Pizza_bagel 2 points 29 minutes ago

It’ll hatch and his mom will puke worms on it. That will help build up his strength.

[–]Dw-Im-Here 1 point 1 second ago

Does anybody else think that this man has it hard enough? Now OP is posting pictures of his reproductive organs online? Screw off man.

[–]womm 1 point 1 minute ago

I don’t know, I’ve never been turned on by a bird’s nest.

[–]TheT0KER 5 points 1 hour ago

He’s a grower not a shower.



L Train signs at Metropolitan/Lorimer accidentally switched

l switch

Look closely at the picture above. Notice anything…out of place? That’s the passage leading to the L train in the Metropolitan/Lorimer subway stop in Williamsburg. Most of us don’t need the signs telling us which train goes to Manhattan and which one barrels out into Canarsie.

Some people do need those signs, however, which is why it’s notable that they’re switched in the picture. The left passage actually leads to the Manhattan-bound track, and the right to Brooklyn. Who switched them? Unclear, but it caused some commuter consternation. According to the observant photographer, Astrid Anderson:

I took the train at 830 AM, but I think it was up until the late afternoon. I went to the actual Manhattan side and waited for the train. Everyone was looking extremely confused. When the train came on my side, a bunch of people on the other side started freaking out and tried to run back to the other side.
My friend took another photo around 4 PM & someone had simple stuck a post-it on one sign saying “this is wrong”.

Here’s Astrid’s friend’s photo with the post-it note:


The signs were fixed as of Tuesday evening.