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Banksy strikes Williamsburg and Bushwick

underwear-day4As part of his month-long NYC residency, Banksy’s latest pieces are located in Williamsburg and Bushwick. The above piece Dirty Underwear: The Musical (Williamsburg) and the below OCCUPY!: The Musical(Bushwick) are part of [Read more…]

Art legend arrested for graffiti in Williamsburg

Legendary NYC artist Kenny Scharf (above with Andy Warhol and Keith Haring) got arrested Friday night in Williamsburg after drawing the snake pictured below. The image is from his facebook where he wrote “Just Spent 20 hours in 2 Brooklyn jails for this.” Also from his facebook:

Cops who arrested me were fans and wanted to talk about exit through the gift shop and even liked the tag. at the first holding cell in Williamsburg (there were only 5people in the cell) the police were googling me and asking about things like the tunnel nightclub.

According to he was charged with ‘Attempted Making Graffiti’, ‘Attempted Crm Mis: intnt Dmge Prprty‘ and ‘Possession of Graffiti Instrum.’

– via ANIMAL


Watch a street art legend take us through Williamsburg’s graffiti scene

Graffiti legend Alen Ket created this video with director Anthony Garces to talk about the ‘writing’ scene in Williamsburg. Watch [Read more…]

New Subway Art

The L Magazine points out some rad artwork spotted on the G and M trains.

The artist is apparently someone named Jilly Ballistic. You can check out more examples of the work on Flickr.

Underneath it all, Dickchicken just wants to make you laugh.

The Work Book Project has a video up of loved/hated Brooklyn icon and street artist, Dickchicken. We contacted the reprobate to see if he’d answer a few questions.  Interview after the jump.

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Illegal Art is Sometimes the Most Beautiful: Come See Street Artists Gaia and Sten & Lex at Brooklynite Gallery This Saturday

Here’s the thing about street art — whether or not you realize it, you’re already intimately familiar with the artist’s work.

Such is the case with NYC-homegrown artist Gaia‘s rugged linoleum prints. This weekend, instead of hitting the streets, he’ll joining the legendary Italian artists Sten & Lex for a show at Brooklynite gallery.

We talked briefly with Gaia about why he puts his art on the street, what he thinks of Baltimore, and why art that’s illegal can sometimes be the most beautiful.

Interview after the jump, and make sure you check out the show’s opening party this Saturday, featuring music by the formidable Wham City artist collective member DJ Mark Brown (check out the video he just did for Beach House).

“Portraits” opens 7pm October 16 at Brooklynite gallery on 334 Malcom X Blvd, off the Utica Ave stop on the A/C.

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Superman Wheatpaste at Lorimer

Commuting is a job for Superman! Photo by Hragv posted on A Brooklyn Art Critic’s Notebook.

Update 11:29am: He notes it’s by an artist named Primo. See more of his work here.