Last night at St.Vitus: …of Stardust

Of Stardust took place last night at St.Vitus Bar in Greenpoint. Free wine and cookies accompanied fine art. Not the worst way to spend a Thursday night.

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“dreams were made for mortals” – A Group art Show

‘Dreams were made for Mortals’ was a one day group show held on Sunday July 24th at St. Vitus Bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Curated by Karlynn Holland
Hosted by David Castillo, Samantha Marble, and St. Vitus Bar

Artists the displayed works (some of which is included in the video below): Mick Barr, Lee Bartow, Dallas Erl, Jamie Foster, Grey Heart, Karlynn Holland, Suren Karapetyan, Victoria Lui, Gerry Mak, Samantha Marble, Nicholas McMaster, Brian Montuori, Angela Nacol, Nicholas Palmirotto, Owen Rundquist, Sierra Seip, Nathaniel Shannon, Nikki Sneakers, Erin Utzig, Justina Villanueva, George Wilson

St.Vitus Bar opened in Greenpoint – Liturgy played inaugural show

There’s a new joint for all you heavy rockers in Greenpoint going by the name of St.Vitus Bar. It’s a pretty sweet spot. Dark as hell and run by people that know what they are doing. No asshole security either. Believe it or not, everybody is actually super nice and treats patrons in an accommodating and respectful way. Last Friday Liturgy headlined St.Vitus’ inaugural show. Video of that is below. Check out the bar’s website for upcoming events. Next Saturday for example Supertouch is playing. Yes, that’s THE Supertouch, as in New York Hardcore legends.