Captured live: Dewey Decibel @ Spike Hill

Up 3rd on blaqbook’s “It’s A Rap” showcase at Spike Hill was the Son of a Beach himself Dewey Decibel. Dewey made the trip from Philly with his homey Fabian Akilles to bless us with some fire. I loved this dudes energy. From our first introduction, to his set, to his departure he kind of gave off a happy have fun sort of vibe. Whenever an artist brings happiness to the table the crowd has no choice but smile and get into it. I have a few more clips from Dewey that will come up later this week with him and Fabian getting busy. For now, kick back and relax and get “High on Art”. Enjoy!


Captured live: Nicoroc @ Spike Hill

Nicoroc was the second performer on blaqbook’s “It’s A Rap” hip hop showcase. By the time Nicoroc’s set started Spike Hill was packed. Most of the people came specifically for him. People were in the crowd rapping word for word. Great set! Hopefully I’ll get to work with this guy in the future he kills it on stage. Any time the crowd goes crazy after every song you know you really did a stand up job. Enjoy!


Captured live: Astrosteezpcp @ Spike Hill

Don’t act like you haven’t missed me! Good to be back. Lets get on with it. I booked Astrosteezpcp AKA AstroSteez Pretty Cool Peasants for the first blaqbook hip hop showcase “It’s A Rap” November 14th. They made their way from Philadelphia straight from class to perform for us. I’m glad they did. These guys are definitely a group to keep your eyes on in the near future. Enjoy!

PS: They also dropped this track yesterday. Check it out.


Zebros and Gentlemen Brawlers show at Spike Hill

Zebros show at Pete's Candy Store

Photo by Danny Ghitis

Free Williamburg favorite Zebros are putting on a show with the also wonderful Gentlemen Brawlers at Spike Hill on Friday.

This is an audio piece made at their last show for a taste of what to expect (spoiler: there is often dancing).
Typical Zebros show

Convinced? RSVP on Facebook here.

Captured live at the Northside Festival: Quiet Loudly

Justin Little, June 17, 2012
Quiet Loudly always delivers, so what makes anyone think this would be any different? Good stage presence, great sound, and fans singing word for word is a great recipe for a fiesta! Great set guys! Other than Tony’s nonexistent rat tail I really enjoyed the set.

via: blaqbook

Captured Live at the Northside Festival: Dinosaur Feathers live at Spike Hill

Justin Little, June 16, 2012
Next set I caught was Dinosaur Feathers at Spike Hill. I hate to bash any band but there were negatives to this set. So the songs were good. The drummer was really good. The lead singer/guitarist did his thing. During the main part of the song the bass was good but you left me asking myself the question “What the fuck is he doing?” quite a few times. I don’t know if it was to try and give the song a grunge feel or what. But I just didn’t get it. It sounded like at points of the song he was hitting the bass to make some kind of weird ambient sound. I’d say drop the weird unnecessary bass banging/noises or whatever you want to call them and keep it simple. Good set but I must admit there were a few awkward moments. Sorry guys, feel free to invite me to one of your sets and change my mind.

Captured Live at the Northside Festival: Miniboone live at Spike Hill

Justin Little, June 16, 2012
I particularly like the lighting in Spike Hill so I made my way back to catch Miniboone’s set. They filled the place up and it seemed like the crowd knew all the lyrics to their songs. Some way, some how they’ve managed to slip by without me hearing of them before. I’m glad I got to see them. Their musicianship was definitely on point. Great set! I’ll have to pick up one of their CDs so I can sing along next time.

Captured Live at the Northside Festival: Zambri live at Spike Hill

Justin Little, June 15, 2012
Dualing boards, dualing drums, and dualing front women? Zambri you get dualing thumbs from me. Spike Hill was packed for their set. At this point in the night all the crowd jitters are gone. What I mean by that is everyone in the crowd has already seen about 3 bands. They’re over that first awkward instances where people tend to start bobbing their heads to the music and peak around to see if anyone is watching or dancing. By now, well during Zambri’s set you can clearly see everyone in the crowd having a blast(and/or buzzed). Great set! I’m sure they opened a lot of eyes tonight. They definitely opened mine. It started out slow and got sexier and sexier. I feel like I need to go wash my sexy laundry. Rumor has it the two front ladies are sisters? That’s Sassy! Allow me a moment to dwell on that. PS: Did I just say that out loud?