Bradford Cox vs. Sony Music

While stuffing yourself with tofurkey and beer, were you listening to Bradford Cox’s rad bedroom recordings that he released last week? Apparently someone at Sony was, and they got pissed.

Four volumes of home recordings – unreleased jams from the man behind Deerhunter and Atlas Sound – were put up online throughout last week. Pretty rad to be giving this stuff out for free as a holiday treat. But then, Bradford got an e-mail from Sony informing him that volumes two through four were removed due to “unauthorized reproduction and distribution of copyrighted sound recordings owned or exclusively.” But…neither Deerhunter nor Atlas Sound are on the Sony label. They are on 4AD and Kranky, respectively. The only logical explanation comes from Cox himself saying, “Apparently Sony Music Owns my bedroom. Feel free to call or email and let them know what you think.”

Naturally, the files have been put back up online. (Volume 2, Volume 3 and Volume 4) Take THAT big corporations! Download the mixtapes for yourself and write to Sony making sure they don’t own your bedroom too, because what you’re doing in there might be worse than recording indie tunes.