The Brooklyn Flea Record Fair returns to Williamsburg next month

On Saturday May 14th the Brooklyn Flea Record Fair will set up shop next to Smorgasburg in East River State Park. From [Read more…]

Smorgasburg home and superfund site 50 Kent will be cleaned of toxic coal tar

bkfleaIf you thought the only toxic garbage coming out of 50 Kent this year was that horrible 90s fest, you’re sorely mistaken. It turns out that the lot, perhaps most famous for housing our beloved Smorgasburg, “contains a ‘significant’ level of coal tar,” according to DNAinfo.

Long before Pauly Shore was making self-depreciating jokes about Encino Man in between sets from Smash Mouth and Coolio, 50 Kent was home to a gas plant that left behind a different kind of waste. Waste even more harmful to residents than half-baked, corporate-backed 90s nostalgia: coal tar, which has been known to increase risks of cancer, particularly in early childhood. [Read more…]

You can order food from Smorgasburg on Seamless this weekend

Antica Pesa's Spaghetti Burger via

Antica Pesa’s Spaghetti Burger via

This weekend’s edition of the Smorgasburg food fest will have a new feature. Delivery! From 11AM-6pm on Saturday you will be able to fire up Seamless and order a number of Smorgasburg’s offerings from the Williamsburg and Queens locations. Here’s what will be available via Observer:


Goa Taco – Slow-roasted Pork Belly Paratha Tacos
Chickpea and Olive – Calexico Burger
Good Stock – Jambalaya
Imperial Egg – Scotch Egg
Antica Pesa – Spaghetti Burger


Kim Chi Smoke – Redneck Tacos
Patacon Pisao – Crispy Plantain Sandwich
Arepa Lady – Arepas
Celebes Bakar Grill – Beef Rib]


Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea are moving to Crown Heights this winter

bkfleaAt least we still have Night Bazaar.

If today’s chilly, sodden weather hadn’t clued you in: winter is coming. Time to move all of summer’s outdoor bounty indoors, including powerhouse al fresco markets Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea, which are winding down their waterfront season. After last year’s successfultransition to a Williamsburg warehouse, the whole kit and kaboodle are instead heading to Crown Heights to join their gorgeous new sister Berg’n.

Co-founder Eric Demby dropped the news to the Times in a one-off line in the paper’s examination of the booming market trend. Demby confirmed the news to us today, telling us everything will move to 1000 Dean Street beginning the weekend of November 8th and 9th. The new space, seen above, will link internally with Berg’n, which offers ample seating, a full bar and the hall’s permanent food vendors including Flea vets like Ramen Burger and Mighty Quinn’s.

The space looks more finished than its predecessor and Demby tells Eater it will be “similar to our winter market last year in W’burg, just a different location…albeit a far more pleasant one.” Demby says there’ll be between 100 and 110 vendors each weekend and that they’ll be set up with more permanent stalls. Of those, five to 10 will be cooked-food stands and more from the “packaged-food contingent.”

“It’ll be more Winter Flea than Smorg, where you browse for a bit, wander into Berg’n for a burger/brisket/dog/slice and a beer, then maybe go back to the market and buy a chair or a blouse,” Demby explains. “For dads like us, beer makes shopping better, and the idea is to make this a no-brainer winter-weekend destination for families, tourists, and of course Brooklynites.” Sounds kinda like a mini, artisanal mall…but with booze! Thumbs up. [Gothamist]

Smorgasburg has been immortalized in a children’s book

photo via DNAinfo

photo via DNAinfo

Thanks to Lisa McKeon’s new book Brooklyn Baby, Smorgasburg and other BK staples will live forever in hardcover and paperback form. From [Read more…]

Are you ready for ramen fries?


What took them so long?

Keizo Shimamoto, creator of the famous Ramen Burger has created the only side dish worthy of being paired with his game changing burger, Ramen Fries. No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, those are straight up wedges of deep fried ramen noodles topped with what looks like a secret sauce of some kind and chopped green onions.

Shimamoto is being fairly secretive about his new creation revealing only this photo on his official website and Facebook. There’s no official drop date on the Ramen Fries but Shimamoto has said fans can expect them soon at Smorgasburg, Brooklyn Flea, and Berg’n, at least when it finally opens.

H/T + PicThx Ramen Burger [Foodbeast]

Food mash-up trend set to peak this weekend at Smorgasburg with Pork Belly Ramen Burger and more

Adobo Shack Ramen Burger (credit: Keizo Shimamoto)

Adobo Shack Ramen Burger (credit: Keizo Shimamoto/Gothamist)

First there was the cronut, the ramenburger and the cragel. Starting this weekend 14 Smorgasburg venders will be featuring new food mash-ups on Saturday and Sunday:

Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea are moving to East River State Park

Photo by Kate Glicksberg

This spring and summer the ever popular Williamsburg weekend events Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea will be held at East River State Park on the southeast corner (near North 7th and Kent). From the parks department:

“We are thrilled to welcome the Flea to East River State Park. Already fast becoming a centerpiece of the community, this addition will draw even more people and add to what we fully expect will be a spring and summer full of exciting, community-oriented events and programs at this park,” said State Parks Commissioner Rose Harvey.

“Moving the Flea and Smorgasburg to East River State Park feels like a perfect fit,” said Jonathan Butler, co-founder of the markets with Eric Demby. “Staying on the Williamsburg waterfront in this vibrant community is a big priority for us, and we love that the markets will now support one of New York’s truly great parks. And who can argue with that view!”

Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea open the weekend of April 6th.