This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

0006214634_10I’m gonna level with you guys: It’s been a shitty couple of weeks in the music world. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want to live in a world without Lemmy, without Bowie, without rockstars—a world where the arbiters of “cool” are PR-approved cardboard cutouts and the escapes on offer to high school kids in desperate need of meaning aren’t off-planet, but simply downtown. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot to be done about the ravages of time (and too much coke), so for now let’s turn our attention to what you all came here to do—listen to new metal—and hope beyond the black stain of space that something can grow in these ashes.

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This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

a3694985589_10After a two-week hiatus brought upon by the uncontrollable clatter of #reallife speeding towards the next crest in the proverbial carnival ride, This One Goes To Eleven is back and pretty much the same as ever. By this point awards season is well and truly underway, but before we get to the whole list thing, there’s still a handful of new releases (and a metric ton of holiday shows) to cover, beginning today with…

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Glasslands Offers Summer Pass For Shows (Including FREE Drinks)

From our friends over at Glasslands:

Kick back and picture this Summer: the BBQs, the parks, the lemonade, the never-ending string of concerts, events, and parties.

Leave that last part to us. This limited-run season pass gets you:

– Entry into every Glasslands event this Summer, no matter what price, no matter how full, no funny business

– One free drink every time you stop by

That’s over 120 events, so bring a sleeping bag maybe and settle in for the long haul?

** Very limited run **

Looks like other season passes will be available in the future as well. Get yours here for the steep upfront cost of $225 — although when you do the math, this hip little card ultimately pays for itself if you’re looking to do a show or two a week through the season. Here’s hoping the Popgun boys can make some of that sweet new Williamsburg waterfront property money.

We’re Taking Over CMJ

My Social List & Freewilliamsburg presents

That’s right.  CMJ Music Marathon is probably the absolute best week to be a New Yorker.  For a few days, all of the best buzzbands and buzzhumans descend on the city to play music, drink and network with one another.  And this year, the FREEwilliamsburg and My Social List team is taking the whole damned thing over.

Well, not EXACTLY, but we do have a bunch of great showcases to share with you.

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The Most Blogged About Shows This Week

Flaming Lips

This week’s edition of the Most Blogged About Shows is 100% recession proof.  Our MOST BLOGGED ABOUT show and my EDITOR’S PICK can both be had for the princely sum of “on the house,” and they’re both all kinds of awesome.  Oh, and we’re giving away some pretty awesome tickets this week as well.

That being said; the recession is something that’s always on my mind, especially heading into this November’s presidential election.  It’s fitting then, that this week’s MOST BLOGGED ABOUT SHOW is Colbchella, Stephen Colbert’s FREE festival at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.  I can’t think of any better backdrop for a Colbert festival than a museum on a pier with battleships and fighter jets, and the lineup is similarly incredible; Flaming Lips, Grizzly Bear, Santigold, Grandmaster Flash and fun.  This thing gets kicked off on Saturday at 3 PM.

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The Most Blogged About Shows This Week

The Walkmen

Today marks the beginning of a new era for My Social List.  From this day onward, we will be known as MI SCILL LIIST.  We really don’t give a fuck about the name.  We originated this project in a bedroom with no internet and didn’t know it would ever leave.

We’re taking a cue from DIIV, formerly known as Dive; aka Zachary Cole Smith of Beach Fossils’ side project.  Apparently, he’s changing the name out of “respect” for some early 90s industrial act from Belgium.

Come on dude, how have you never heard of Dive?  Their experimental sound, consisting of abused drum machines pulsating through crackling distortion influenced everyone from Frontline Assembly to Klinik.

If that all sounds ridiculous… it’s because it is.  My guess?  The guy never heard the “original” Dive in his life, and Wikipedia’d his band name before his LP came out.  Dude.  It’s totally ok.  I have idea who the hell Dive is either.  The last sentence of the previous paragraph is a combination of Wikipedia’s “Dive (Belguim Band)” page and industrial acts from

Maybe this perceived insecurity over not knowing obscure foreign bands from dead genres is some sort of sad commentary on the resentful post-internet era we live in.  Who knows?  Maybe he just wanted a more stylized name?  If that’s the case… they should have totally went with ▲DDIIVVEE▲ instead.  Or maybe he realized “Dive” was un-google-able?

Somewhat ironically, I’d like to use this opportunity to announce the launch of the MII SCIIL LIIST iPhone app (get it here)  It launches TODAY, and it’s 100% free.  Now you’ll be able to access our buzz list right on your phone, buy tickets to shows, find shows near you (via current location), and text them to your friends.  Really, there’s no better app for tracking buzzworthy shows in the city despite my INTENSE bias.

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Watch Bethany from Best Coast Talk About, Play a Show for, Planned Parenthood

Did you hear? Everyone’s favorite cat-lady band, Best Coast, jumped on the Planned Parenthood train this week, putting out a video about why the group is so important and announcing they’ll play a benefit show with  country-punk group Those Darlins this summer.

As if you needed a reason aside from the fact that this is the only not-sold out (well not yet) show the band is playing in NYC this summer, tickets to the show are a direct donation to the Planned Parenthood of New York City Action Fund, which does important things like make sure we don’t have politicians in office that hate your lady parts.

This weekend: go see some art!

What are you doing this weekend? Why not go see some art shows?

A piece from "SeenoEvil..." opening at Factory Fresh on Friday

Friday Night: At FactoryFresh the crazy/weird/surreal show “seenoevilseenoevilsee evil” is opening – featuring work by Jeremiah Maddock, Daniel Trocchio and Amanda Wong. All three are showing crazy hypnotic and colorful pieces, ranging from drawings to paintings to video.

And then, Saturday! Artist-run gallery Pandemic is opening their latest show,”Split Personality,” with a Pabst-Blue-Ribbon sponsored party. Split Personality is the first solo show by Laos-born artist Vilaykorn Sayaphet and features work split between two sides – an impressionist/painterly body of work and a more serious collection of illustrations.

seenoevilseenoevilsee evil” opens Friday September 24 from 7-10pm, and is running from September 24-October 24 at Factory Fresh, at 1053 Flushing Avenue between Morgan and Knickerbocker, off the L train Morgan Stop.

Split Personality opens on Saturday, September 25th, 2010, from 7-11 PM, and runs through October 10th at Pandemic Gallery, on 37 Broadway (between Wythe and Kent) off the Marcy stop on the J/M/Z.

A piece from the Split Personality show opening Saturday night at Pandemic