REVIEW: Neelix Played Santos Party House


Psytrance fans had their come to Jesus moment on Saturday when Hamburg-based DJ and producer Neelix made his New York debut at the intimate Santos Party House venue. This rare live set was a treat for longtime fans of the artist who put on a standout show over the weekend, which was presented by Esscala Entertainment.

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Avan Lava playing Santos Party House Tomorrow

I got an email from Girlie Action Media a little while back telling me about Brooklyn local band Avan Lava. Attached were a bunch of links to some of their music. Rather than click the links, I do what I always do, search on spotify. I found them and hit play.

From the first 30 seconds alone I had a smile on my face. The track I played first was called “Tear It Down”. It sounded like a “manaja twa” with The Foals, Prince, and Sheila E. That sounds pretty awesome on paper doesn’t it? Well words don’t really do it justice you should listen for yourself. I have a better idea!

Why don’t you get your asses to Santos Party House this Friday(9/21) and see them up close and personal with me. For show information go here. If you’re a wall flower please stay at home. For you dancing folks I hope to catch you on the dance floor. PS: Ladies I’ll be the black dude with “The Demolition Man” haircut(Wesley Snipes minus The Blond).



Fort Lean played Santos Party House

Last night the rocking boys of Fort Lean played their first headlining show. It was at Santos Party House. It was SOLD OUT. And it was supposed to be the celebration of the “Sunsick” single, their first physical release (because of an error, the 7″s were not available, but the single is still downloadable and still absolutely amazing).

There is something impressive about frontman Keenan Mitchell, who walks on stage already shirtless. Wild yellow hair flying all over the place. Entering right into “High Definition,” from last year’s EP (also available for free download!) They plowed through a high-energy set of songs from the EP, a few new songs and the song of the night “Sunsick,” along with the B-side “The Precinct.”

This band has the ability to perform these songs in a way that is both spot on compared to the recorded versions, and also infusing them with so much personality and captivating the crowd. On “Beach Holiday” for example, every single drum fill was perfectly recreated, Keenan swung his hair and body around wildly. Perfect.

Listen to the new, perfectly coupled one-two punch, “Sunsick” and “The Precinct” below. And be on the lookout for when the 7″ is released.

FREE Show: Death + Taxes Presents Suckers, Javelin & Lemonade… and FREE PBR

Not only do you have awesome plans tonight, you now have equally awesome plans for the following night! RSVP here to check out Suckers, Javelin and Lemonade at Santos Party House tomorrow brought to us by Death + Taxes and vitamin water, as well as FREE beer from none other than Pabst Blue Ribbon.

And, like all free events, we suggest you get there early to avoid any possible shitshow at the door!!

Video Profile: Marnie Stern

BAL caught up with the uber-talented and super friendly Marnie Stern during her breakneck 7 show marathon at CMJ, where she granted us an on-camera interview and access to several of the shows she played at. What emerged was a portrait of tireless ambition, perspicacity, and dedication to a craft – one which she has mastered with colorful, yet reserved flair and renowned dexterity. Check out this short video which includes an interview as well as live concert footage from her shows at Santos Party House and local DIY spot The Pyramids, then head over to Big Ass Lens for more info on this rising star, as well as other videos from CMJ.

Santos Party House got shut down

photo via Village Voice

We’ve all come to expect DIY spaces to get shut down. When you’re throwing a basement show every Friday night or have set up shop in an abandoned warehouse to invite 500 of your closest friends over, it is really only a matter of time before some cops come and shut you down. (Not that it isn’t still a bummer when it happens). But with the recent shut down of Coco66 and now Santos Party House, there may even be a crackdown on legit venues.

Brooklyn Vegan writes:

Historically club crackdowns always come in waves, so it could be more than a coincidence that Coco66 was also shut down the same week, though they are kind of far apart and in different boroughs and were shut for different reasons (Coco66 was capacity-related or something). Paladino is to blame! Just kidding.

The shut down last night at Santos was due to sale or possession of drugs, forcing the Ninja Tune party to be relocated. Hopefully they will get things sorted out and start the party up again soon. I also hope Andrew WK is doing OK as a result of this. (Kidding. I’m sure he is remaining super positive and continuing to party anywhere and everywhere.)

[PICS] Beach Fossils at Santos Party House

Last night women’s fashion and lifestyle website StyleCaster bolstered its Indie cred by co-hosting a free Beach Fossils show with music website Death + Taxes at Santos Party House.

A more aggressive spin on the lo-fi genre while still maintaining its approachable simplicity, Beach Fossils riled the crowd. A barefoot John Pena lost his mind on the bass– pacing and spinning all over the stage– while lead singer Dustin Payseur howled into his microphone… And that’s when the crowd surfing began… at 10PM… on a Tuesday night… at a fashion event. (Who saw that one coming?) The set ended with Payseur himself leaping onto the crowd, surfing until his song ended when the human pillars supporting him crumbled to the ground.

This weekend Beach Fossils launches into an extensive tour playing alongside Here We Go Magic, Bear in Heaven, and Warpaint throughout the summer. Click here for dates and check out pictures from the night in the gallery below!

[PICS] The Depreciation Guild at Santos Party House


For anyone left in New York, last night the Norwegian Oya Music Festival and Oh My Rockness hosted a SXSW send off for Norwegian bands Pirate Love, Hanne Hukkelberg, and The Megaphonic Thrift along with New York natives headliners The Depreciation Guild.

The show was a mix of different genres with Megaphonic Thrift starting off with an impressively high energy hard, noise rock set. With Santos as probably the most suiting venue for their loud music, Megaphonic showcased both their aggressive sound and musicianship. When asked how they mustered that energy after just arriving in New York from Norway, Megaphonic explains to Free Williamsburg, “Our music really gives us energy on stage, and it’s not like we need to huddle up and scream things at each other before a show, somehow we just end up in that energy every time.”

Juxtaposed against Megaphonic Thrift, there was a major downshift for solo singer songwriter Hanne Hukkelberg with a collection of sensitive and ambient folk songs.

Pirate Love came on stage in what might have been the most alienating pair of denim cut off shorts since Tobias’s from Arrested Development. Definitely putting on a performance, Pirate Love piqued audience curiosity and drew in the crowd with their noise rock.

Experimental, emo-rock The Depreciation Guild closed the evening with a tight set. The Depreciation Guild was recently on tour with Indie sweethearts The Pains of Being Pure at Heart– drummer Kurt Feldman’s second band. The Depreciation Guild’s impressively cohesive set and strong musicianship was a great ending to the show.

More pictures after the jump!

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