Brooklyn to be spared this year from the pukenado known as Santacon

Well at least there is some good news this year. The retching, shrieking gaggle of red-suited bro and bro-ettes will be bypassing Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick this year! As we noted before, the vomit-filled shitfest was originally supposed to commence in McCarren Park, but there’s been a change in plans, much to the chagrin of anyone living in Manhattan:

The 2016 event will begin at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 10 (although Santas will start gathering an hour earlier, at 10 a.m.). And, contrary to a flurry of reports in late October naming Williamsburg as its starting point, this year’s SantaCon will in fact be entirely contained in Midtown and Downtown Manhattan. [Read more…]

Williamsburg gets the “pleasure” of hosting Santacon again this year


Ugh. Last year, this piss-stained bro-fest began its unwelcome stagger through New York in McCarren Park. This year the vomit-filled shitfest will return to Williamsburg at at 10am on December 10th.

As with previous years, the parade start location and route will not be revealed until shortly before the actual event—you can check their Facebook for updates on that (there is also a list of participating bars on their website, though it isn’t clear if this is the updated list for 2016 or not). [Read more…]

Watch a timelapse video of SantaCon descending on Williamsburg

santasHere’s a somewhat terrifying video of hundreds of Santas gathering in McCarren Park on Saturday morning to [Read more…]

Here’s a map of the official SantaCon stops to avoid in Williamsburg

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NOOOOO SantaCon is kicking off in McCarren Park this Saturday morning

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