Rosamunde – The Popular San Fran Sausage Joint – Now Open In Williamsburg

We can’t wait to try it!

Giggity: the wildly popular San Francisco sausage grill Rosamunde is now officially slinging meat on Williamsburg’s Southside, in the space formerly occupied by the sexy Savalas and, briefly, the snooty Masten Lake. This place has “smash hit” written all over it: the track record is proven, price is right (8 bucks get you a delicious sausage sandwich with two toppings), vibe is casual, and the options are myriad—in addition to all the real sausages, there are three different kinds of vegan sausages, plus vegan baked beans, potato salad (that has bacon), and fries. And we haven’t even gotten to all the draught beers and the house-made sodas and the highballs!
Rosamunde (the name is taken from a German “Beer Barrel Polka”) has 24 beers on tap and 15 in bottles. In the basement, they make eight different soda syrups ranging from ginger to cucumber to licorice, and you can order these straight up for $3.50 (the licorice is sublime) or mixed into a specialty highball ($8). Last night we tried both the licorice soda (spectacular) and the refreshing Pimm’s Cup, made with the Cucumber syrup. Of all the sodas, principal owner Josh Margolis tells us licorice is his favorite, but he’s most proud of the cola. “Cola’s not easy,” says Margolis. “Everyone’s got an opinion on cola. It took me a long time to get that right.”
The vegan baked beans—a rarity in our experience—are crazy good; vegetarians should get them as a side with the tasty Vegan Apple Sage, which we recommend with the sauerkraut and sweet peppers.

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Rosamunde: Popular Sausage Restaurant From that Other Coast Coming to Williamsburg

Via Gothamist:

Residents and visitors to San Francisco and Oakland have been known to wait on long lines for the grilled sausage at Rosamunde, which is also beloved by vegetarians for its Vegan Apple Sage sausage. Now NYC is about to get a taste, when the wildly popular beer and brats joint flings open its doors in Williamsburg, in the Southside space formerly occupied by the fun-yet-creepy dive Savalas and the snooty-good riddance Masten Lake.

Owner Josh Margolis tells The Lower Haight Blog, “Brooklyn made sense as an east coast location due to its similarities with San Francisco. The neighborhood of Williamsburg is filled with an eclectic mix of people and a Brooklyn version of something close to SF’s Mission or Haight neighborhoods. Our spot on Bedford Ave (between Grand and S. 1st) is Williamsburg’s south side, which is a bit more eclectic than Williamburg’s north side. Not unlike Lower Haight vs. Upper Haight or Mission/24th vs Mission/16th.”