Greenpoint’s River Styx is closing on Sunday

River Styx Nachos; via Village Voice

River Styx Nachos; via Village Voice

We’re going to miss their nachos — which were some of the best in the city. Maybe there will be a Bill Murray spotting at the closing party – which happens on Sunday. His son is a partial owner, after all. From their website:

We regret to inform our beloved guests that after 3 years River Styx will be closing its doors. [Read more…]

River Styx Now Open In Greenpoint

River Styx, photo: Kit Chaney

River Styx, photo: Kit Chaney

21 Greenpoint Avenue, Greenpoint, website:

Via the Times

Disco globes and vintage car pulleys dangling from the ceiling. A fire-engine-red wood-burning oven capped by a wooden, wagon-wheel-like formation. Handcrafted tables that form a heart shape when pushed together. It’s clear from these quirky design details what River Styx — the newest restaurant from the team behind Brooklyn’s Roebling Tea Room, which opened last night on a quiet, riverside street in Greenpoint — is not: another neighborhood eatery that takes itself too seriously.

“I just want people to have fun at dinner. Really, it’s all I care about,” the chef Dennis Spina explains of his inventive menu, which is categorized simply by small plates and entrees. While Spina’s cooking is graced by unconventional twists, everything somehow remains comforting and satisfying. The Big Chef, a small plate that’s one of Spina’s favorite creations, is composed of slivers of capicola, an Italian pork cold cut, and creamy béchamel, wrapped in fresh pizza dough and baked in the oven. The result is warm, chewy, salty and gooey. In the Squid Suave — which got its eccentric name after a menu typo changed “sauce” to “suave” and customers praised the dish — tender pieces of flash-fried squid get a punch of lip-smacking heat from a special blend of Clamato, Frank’s RedHot sauce and butter. A flat bread, which Spina refers to as his “house naan,” is supple and pleasantly oily, getting a tangy and nutty boost from buttermilk and spelt. Paired with puréed fava beans, curried cream and raw honey, it just might be the restaurant’s aesthetic plate, with sherbetlike colors and delicate flavors that make it soothing on the eyes and the palate. Even the house chicken surprises. After marinating in a juice of house-made pickled jalapeños, the chicken quarters are fired in the oven and generously slathered with burro rosso, a boldly colored red sauce of butter, paprika and tomato paste. The meat is tender, the skin airy and crisp, and the sauce subtle enough that you’ll chase every last bit of it.

Staying true to the house philosophy, the cocktails are also deceptively simple and balanced. Developed by Dmitri Bartlett, the drink menu is filled with unexpected surprises. The Sinking Body is made of just four ingredients — vodka, grapefruit, cinnamon and simple syrup — but tastes far more complicated. While tequila is the key spirit in the Discipline, its unlikely pairing with amaretto and serrano peppers slices that are lit on fire — you blow them out — makes the cocktail nutty and spicy. “In the end, it’s about having a good time,” Spina says. “We’re all having fun.”

The Bounty: Now Open In Greenpoint

The Bounty, 131 greenpoint ave, brooklyn, ny 11222

They say that things come in threes. In north Greenpoint that seems to be true since we are about to have three seafood “shacks” within blocks of each other: Lobster Joint, the yet-to-open Archilles Heel and the just-opened The Bounty.

We poked our heads into The Bounty last night and the space looks great with several beers on tap (Peekskill ipa, Brooklyn Pennant, Jever and Kostritzer Schwarzbier) and a handful of traditional house cocktails including a Hemingway Daiquiri and a Dark & Stormy. For now, they are serving a limited menu of oysters, cheese plates, and other bar snacks. We’re told, the full kitchen will open in days to come. Here’s what we know so far:

A brand new seafood restaurant is slated to open soon in Greenpoint called The Bounty. Nika Carlson, who also operates The Drink in Williamsburg, tells Eater:

We’ll be serving seafood from the North Atlantic region, made with a hint of Southern charm. Our menu will include things like crab cakes, whole grilled fish, a raw bar (oysters, clams, etc), a burger, and eventually, when blue crabs are in season in the Chesapeake, Maryland-style steamed crabs.

The head chef is Eric Mann, who previously worked at Craft and Prune, and Roberta’s vet Kevin Ang is also on board as a baker/chef and co-owner. The other partners in this project are Adam Collison, also of The Drink, and Lance Hess, who previously worked for André Balazs Properties. The Bounty is slated to open by the end of the month at 131 Greenpoint Ave, just 50 feet away from the G-Train station.

In other Greenpoint restaurant news, we’re told Roebling Teas Room’s sister restaurant River Styx is coming soon with the Greenpoint branch of Fornino opening any day now. We’re still waiting for news about this venture, but in the meantime are loving the burger at the beautiful Alameda which taste like a Shake Shack burger cooked medium. In other words, delicious.

Here’s The Bounty’s temporary menu, via their Twitter page: [Read more…]

River Styx: Roebling Tea Room Peeps Opening New Restaurant In Greenpoint

Coming this April

As rumored, the people behind Williamsburg favorite Roebling Tea Room are opening a new restaurant near Transmitter Park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Chef Dennis Spina says that it will be called River Styx (the space sits about 100 feet away from the East River) and he hopes to have it open by the middle of April. Expect something similar in spirit to Roebling Tea Room. Although that restaurant does not garner the same amount of acclaim as other ‘Burg hot spots like Diner and St. Anselm, it has its fair share of die-hard fans. The Bastille Day dinners are legendary, and the regular menu always has a lot of variety.