Paulie Gee’s Latest Pie: Sake Mountain Way

Sake Mountain Way

Greenpointers recently announced a contest to see who could name Paulie Gee’s latest pie – a pizza that replaces vodka sauce with a sauce made from sake. They came up with some great suggestions — The Akira Kurosake, Land of the Rising Dough, Greenpointzilla — but Paulie seems to prefer classic rock names like In Ricotta Da Vita and Grapeful Dead. Here’s what he told Greenpointers:

“We are going to go with a name suggested by our busser Jake. It will be called Sake Mountain Way, a take off on the Joe Walsh song Rocky Mountain Way. Jake was inspired by whomever suggested Sake Balboa, so whomever suggested that is the winner.”

We love Paulie Gee’s and can’t wait to try it.

Fortunately, Paulie’s looking to name another pie:

inspired by my favorite calzone. Fresh mootz, sliced Canadian bacon, sweet Italian fennel sausage, a touch of fresh basil and post-oven ricotta dollops.

Any ideas? Go leave your suggestions at Greenpointers.

Speaking of Paulie Gee’s… he’s opening shop in Baltimore!

River Styx: Roebling Tea Room Peeps Opening New Restaurant In Greenpoint

Coming this April

As rumored, the people behind Williamsburg favorite Roebling Tea Room are opening a new restaurant near Transmitter Park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Chef Dennis Spina says that it will be called River Styx (the space sits about 100 feet away from the East River) and he hopes to have it open by the middle of April. Expect something similar in spirit to Roebling Tea Room. Although that restaurant does not garner the same amount of acclaim as other ‘Burg hot spots like Diner and St. Anselm, it has its fair share of die-hard fans. The Bastille Day dinners are legendary, and the regular menu always has a lot of variety.

New Ramen Restaurant On The Lorimer Stop: Suzume

Suzume's Meno (c/o Gothamist)

45 Lorimer Street
cash only

Via Gothamist

When the weather gets this cold there are few things as lovely as a bowl of hot something, be it chili or ramen. And for those whose hearts skip a beat at the sound of slurping noodles, good news! Williamsburg’s newest restaurant, Suzume, is here to help.

A tiny 30-odd-seater right off the Lorimer G/L stop, Suzume (sparrow in Japanese) opened last week and is already filling up quick. The restaurant boasts a good pedigree; the owners also run Maggie Brown and The Emerson and include Momofuku vet Michael Briones.

The menu itself is tastefully basic with a few sustainable sushi options ($5 for a piece of sushi, $7.50 for three pieces of sashimi, rolls between $7-9), a couple of small plates (the $6 roasted potatoes with spicy mayo are lovely) and a handful of types of ramen priced between $10 and $13. And about that ramen! While the broths we tried weren’t as intense as you might find at say, Ippudo, they were incredibly tasty and perfect on a cold winter night (the salmon broth was just the right amount of fishy). And if you are a veggie or a pescetarian, don’t worry—there are ramens available for you too (though the vegetarian Charred Apple Noodle ramen is a cold one, our waitress warned).

“Dinner With Friends” Series at the Wythe Hotel To Host Guest Chefs

Reynard’s Andrew Tarlow on the dinner series (via Eater):

Some of the thought behind this was obviously that having a hotel, we can attract our friends and have them stay with us for a week. It’s the idea of cooking with friends and inviting them to our home. We’re trying to offer up an experience that you can’t get in New York.

We’re thinking about doing it monthly, and doing a series of like four to six of them, and then we’ll take a little break and figure out how we want to do it after that.” He plans to eventually host acclaimed chefs from outside the country. Reservations for the first three dinners can be made by calling 718-460-800

Here’s the menu for the first three events:

[Read more…]

The Water Table: New England-style Tavern and Dinner Boat Coming to Greenpoint


The Water Table is Brooklyn’s very first dinner boat! Founded by Captain Kelli Farwell, formally of Rye, Dumont, Craft and Gramercy Tavern, it’s a New England style restaurant on the water. For a fixed price, guests of The Water Table will enjoy a three-hour cruise originating at one of the many new piers opening in Greenpoint, and a selection of two of our classic dishes, such as lobster rolls, oysters on the half shell, clam chowder, and delicious veggies, whipped up by our on-board chef. Enjoy classic craft cocktails mixed by our bartender, or try one of our selection of amazing New England craft beers or seasonal wine selections.

While Captain Farwell steams the boat around New York Harbor, you’ll be enjoying quality food and drinks, and drifting away with the gorgeous views of the city that we all love. Grab a date or some friends to join one of two nightly dinner tours!

They need some help launching this thing. Find out how you can help (and win free dinners) here.

Tørst: Craft Beer Bar With Scandinavian-influenced Fare (Coming Soon to Greenpoint)

Greenpoint is becoming an essential stop for beer snobs. We’re looking forward to this opening from Momofuku alum Daniel Burns!

Before working as the head of research and development for the Momofuku restaurants, chef Daniel Burns cooked at The Fat Duck in England, and he built and ran the pastry program at Noma in Copenhagen. Somewhere along the way, he connected with Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø, an acclaimed Danish brewer who has created beer for some of the world’s best restaurants. Now Daniel and Jeppe are teaming up to open a new Brooklyn project that they hope will be the best beer bar in the country.

The bar is called Tørst (the Danish word for “thirst”), and it will open at 615 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, just around the corner from the Nassau Avenue G-train station.Jeppe is curating the beer list, which will feature about 20 beers on tap. Jeppe owns both a brewing company, Evil Twin Brewing, and a beer distribution company, so he has deep connections in the world of European craft beer. The menu is still a work in progress, but expect a few selections that have never been served before in the United States. The bar will also have a special beer storage system, where the ales will be kept at different temperatures — serious beer nerd stuff.

In addition to the barroom up front, the space will also have a 25-seat restaurant in the back called Luksus (the Danish word for “luxury”) where Burns will serve a menu of Scandinavian-influenced American fare, all paired with beer. Burns notes: “We want to focus on food that will go well with the beer.” The restaurant will open a few months after the bar up front

The Times Loves Zizi Limona’s Desserts

Zizi Limona (c/o NY Times)

Mr. Mesika doubles as pastry chef. (His grandfather was a baker for the king of Morocco.) A cardamom-laced semolina cake anointed with rosewater syrup arrives in rubble around a mound of vanilla ice cream, with shavings of sesame halvah twisted up into a peak and drizzles of tahini and silan down the slopes ($7). It is an astonishingly calming dessert, the polar opposite of a sundae: there are so many flavors that you want to take your time eating it. Baklava ($6) is almost as light, with spice outflanking sugar, the pistachio-walnut paste seeded with coriander, fennel and ginger, then finished with a syrup of anise, cardamom and cinnamon.

The restaurant, which opened in Williamsburg in September, cultivates an air of unhurry. Enter and the pulse slows. Tables are set a respectful distance from one another. Empty picture frames hang on exposed brick walls, blank as the mind. The only distraction is the soundtrack, which makes jarring shifts: you might start the meal with “Stairway to Heaven” and end it with Jack Johnson. It is a long way to fall.

More information here.

Qi Thai Grill Is Now Open In Williamsburg

QI Thai

QI Thai (c/o Gothamist)

They’re still awaiting their liquor license but Qi Thai Grill is now open for business. Hopefully it won’t suck as much as Sea.

And here we have the new Williamsburg restaurant QI Thai Grill, a collaboration between Pichet Ong, the creative chef and baker who ran the now-defunct P*ong, Sripraphai Tipmanee of Woodside’s Sripraphai, and chef Kea SiwaSila….

The menu is divided into two parts, with Ong handling the “Grilled” side, creating such items as Grilled Pork Jaw (Kor Mooh Yahng) served with spicy tamarind dipping sauce; Cinnamon Pork & Crispy Pork Belly (Mooh Dang Mooh Grohb), which is described as a “duo of roasted marinated pork and crispy pork belly, sweet Thai cinnamon soy dipping sauce; and Pork Satay (Mooh Sa-teyh). Ong explains, “Chicken satay didn’t originally exist in Thailand, just juicy pork! Served with toasted bread (as Bangkok street food style), peanut sauce and cucumber chutney.” And then there is the aforementioned Ovaltine Pork Ribs (Kra Dook Mhoo O-Wun-Tin), which are slowly marinated in five spices and then glazed “with Ovaltine barbecue sauce.” And be sure to save room for the Cinnamon Pork & Crispy Pork Belly (Mooh Dang Mooh Grohb), a “duo of roasted marinated pork and crispy pork belly, sweet Thai cinnamon soy dipping sauce marinated in five spices.” That’s ALSO glazed with (why not?) Ovaltine.

Tipmanee’s half of the menu focuses on small plates such as Spicy Pork Trotter with Fresh Herbs (Kee Mao kah Mooh); Mango Soft-shell crab (Yahm Puu Nihm) with mango salad, red onions, chili, lime, cilantro; and a Spicy Beef Tendon Salad (Larb Enn). They’re still waiting on the liquor license, but once that comes through you’ll be able to order (deep breath) Krungthepmahanakhon Amornrattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilokphop Noppharat Ratchathaniburirom Udomratchaniwetmahasathan Amonphiman Awatansathit Sakkathattiyawitsanukamprasit. Named for Bangkok’s official name, it’s made with gin, vodka, star anise, ginger, yuzu, lime, Thai iced tea, and guava juice.

More pictures at Gothamist.

Qi Thai Grill
176 North 9th Street, Williamsburg