Millennials no longer looking to rent in W’burg, Bushwick or Greenpoint


North Brooklyn may be popular with millennials but fewer and fewer twenty-somethings are looking to rent there. Turns out — and no surprise here — the rent is too damn high! Instead, Astoria tops the list as the neighborhood where millennials are most likely to rent an apartment. Abbi seems to like it there.

The No. 1 neighborhood for millennial New Yorkers looking to share the burden of rent is Astoria, according to data from roommate app Roomi. [Read more…]

JMZ rents by stop


As a follow-up to their report on rent prices along the L line, Brick Underground has a handy guide to rent prices along the JMZ. Not surprisingly, rents closer to Manhattan are overall more pricey. Also, rents have risen a staggering 43.9 percent at the increasingly trendy Myrtly-Wyckoff stop:

As with the L train data, we asked Streeteasy to crunch the numbers, pulling the median rental price within a five-block radius of each stop based on active listings for May 2015. “Some of the highest rents along the JMZ lines are exactly where you would expect them to be: the westernmost points near Williamsburg,” Streeteasy data scientist Alan Lightfeldt tells us. “The Lorimer Street, Hewes Street, and Marcy Avenue stops have the most expensive rentals on the whole. However, rents in areas to the east are growing fast.” … [Read more…]

Williamsburg finally getting that Starbucks that no one wanted in the first place


Very soon, you’ll be able to order your own viente crappuccino at a new Starbucks location close to Barcade on the Lorimer stop. Verb can’t afford the rent in the neighborhood, but Howard Schultz sure can:

The new location of the Seattle-based chain, 405-409 Union Ave., will debut mid-summer, a company spokeswoman said.

It marks the first time Starbucks is opening in the area largely devoid of the chain that’s ubiquitous in Manhattan. Only one other location exists in the North Brooklyn area, in Greenpoint, at 910 Manhattan Ave.

Last year, reports floated online of the new location after a tipster notified Eater of job listings for the company.

The new Starbucks is on the ground floor of a luxury rental condo building at the corner of Union Avenue and Ainslie Street, where a studio recently rented for $2,300 per month, according to StreetEasy.

Thankfully, a great local alternative, The West, is right across the street. Make sure to give them some love!

The Rent is Too Damn High music video?

Fine, Jimmy McMillan. I’m not sick of you yet.

(but seriously, I hope everyone voted for someone besides this guy today.)