The vintage diner most fondly remembered as Relish soon to be demolished


Credit: Forgotten NY

The pummeling continues. According to Brownstoner, the lovely diner on Wythe Ave (currently home to La Esquina) is about to be demolished to make room for, you guessed it, CONDOS. Ugh. We’re lukewarm on La Esquina, but have fond memories of Relish, one of Williamsburg’s best restaurants in the late 90s.

New building applications were filed today for a six-story building with stores and 10 apartments at 225 Wythe Avenue, where a 1950s metal diner currently stands. It was home to the Wythe Diner from ’68 to ’88, Relish from ’97 to 2010, and currently houses Soho Mexican joint La Esquina.

Potentially, the apartments could be huge — about 1,238 square feet each — so we’re guessing this will be condos. All told, the building will have 16,736 square feet, including 4,351 square feet of commercial space.

Forgotten NY has the back-story on this soon-to-be-demolished landmark.

Relish to Transform Into Mexican Beer Garden

In strange news Grub Street is reporting that Relish is slated to re-open as a Mexican Beer Garden by the owners of La Esquina. Not quite sure how that will work in the winter, or if the old skool diner decor will be fitting for a Beer Garden, but we do love La Esquina and are excited for the prospect of additional tasty Mexican food in the hood.

Relish: Closed, But Would You Be Sad If It Was Bought By "Waffle House"?

So I guess it’s true. Relish is closed.

A reader who was there after Sunday’s Pool Party writes:

“I was there last night after attending the waterfront party on N. 8th and the waitress very sadly informed us that it was their last night open.  One of the waiters noticed me taking pictures of the place and came outside to ask me to email him the pictures I took for memory’s sake.  Everyone was noticeably upset and determined to have a good “last” night.

While a commenter speculates on the new owners:

“I have it on pretty good authority that offers have been made to buy out the lease by the owners of Waffle House chain (a fast-food chain popular elsewhere)

Pretty good authority is good enough to get my excitement wagon churning. According to Waffle House’s online store locator, the nearest restaurant is in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania – about an a 1.5 hour drive. Could this be the waffle chain’s attempt at smothering some of our sweet Brooklyn brunch money syrup all over their checkered faces? Maybe!

Here’s a little known fact: this can all be blamed on Thomas Jefferson. According to Wikipedia, he brought a waffle iron over from France, “and waffle frolics or parties became popular in the late eighteenth century.” Reeeeeal great job, Thomas Jefferson. I would’ve been fine getting by on pancakes but whatever.

And waffle parties? Brace for that new trend, it’s coming in 2011. In the meantime, here’s “Waffle House” by Travis Porter (ft. Waka Flocka):

Relish: Maybe But Quite Possibly Closed For Good

We’ve been hearing rumors that Relish, the great little diner (+yard) on North 3rd and Wythe, closed over the weekend. A friend of mine was at the bar when an all-hands staff meeting was called. When the bartender returned, he asked, as if he had just lost his job, “Anybody want some shots?”.

The L Magazine notes the restaurant is closed today for a photo shoot.

Gothamist found a Facebook profile of an employee who writes, “RIP Relish…All I know is Sandy told them yesterday (Sunday) he was closing today (Monday). That’s a lot of my friends who are great workers and people who need jobs. Sucks.”

So, is this the end? What have you heard? Employees! Shine some light on this matter, will ya! Write in, we’ll keep it anonymous if it’s a sticky issue.

We called last night for comment and left a voicemail, but have yet to hear back.