40 unconventional “love” songs for past, present, + future bae


Love songs don’t have to be mushy and chock-full of cliches. They can be dirty, weird, morbid, depressing, hyper-sexual, or just plain straightforward. The sentiment can come from both the heart AND the pants. It doesn’t matter how you say I love you, or I want you, or I want to die if you die—there are a lot of ways to tell bae you care. [Read more…]

Get the Furniture You Wish You Had with Furnishare



Ready to furnish your next apartment? Making your place look great in New York City is no small feat. [Read more…]

Burgopoly: the Williamsburg version of Monopoly


Burgopoly: credit DNA

First there was the Bushwick Board Game and Cards Against Brooklyn, now there’s a Williamsburg-centric Monopoly game:

Bedbugs infest your apartment, the tax abatement on your condo expires or a bathtub overflows and you’ve got to make repairs — these are the pitfalls that can set you back thousands of dollars in a game of “Burgopoly.”

Ralph Modica, a real estate broker at Compass, created the Williamsburg-themed spinoff of the classic board game “Monopoly” as a way to thank clients, he said.

Final versions of the game were printed just over a month ago, and the company has already given them out to several clients who’ve closed deals with the firm. [Read more…]

The Sharing Economy for Furniture? Furnishare Makes It Easy



Everywhere you turn, the sharing economy is big news. Ride sharing, bike sharing, couch surfing — it’s all changing the way we interact with our stuff.

But could it really change the way we think about furniture?

Furnishare is out to prove that a new model of furniture sharing can take the stress out of choosing a dining room set and make furniture fun again. Their subscription furniture service makes finding the right pieces for a New York City apartment a snap for renters — but it also offers a way to make money off of furniture items you may own but no longer love. [Read more…]

New York just became more affordable with Furnishare’s subscription service



New York City is one of the most expensive places to live in the country — but would you really want to be anywhere else? There’s nowhere else where you can take your pick of food from around the world, choose an evening’s entertainment from a truly endless list of places to go and things to do, and feel the steady pulse of a city that is always on the move toward the future.

Still, once New York has stolen your heart, you have to figure out how to afford to make a life here. When you’re on a budget, apartment hunting can be a special challenge. And once you’ve found your new digs, you still have to get some furniture.

Fortunately, gone are the days when you had to shell out thousands of dollars to furnish your apartment, only to be stuck lugging that heavy furniture around the city to your next apartment in another year or two. Today, Furnishare offers an innovative furniture subscription service that allows you to select furniture items you want and keep them for a short period — you can choose 3-, 6- and 12-month subscriptions. When you’re ready to move — or when you simply want to change the look of your apartment — just return the items and pick out something new.

Best of all, Furnishare takes care of all of the annoying parts about owning furniture in the city. They’ll deliver your items straight to your door so you don’t have to worry about throwing out your back getting to that sixth-floor walk-up. You can also sign up to have someone else rent your old furniture to earn extra cash, offering even more flexibility to change your apartment’s decor.

Thanks to Furnishare, living in the Big Apple just got even more rewarding — and affordable.

Furnishare: a more affordable New York with furniture subscriptions



Living in New York City is expensive, especially when you’re tasked with finding and furnishing an apartment. Agent fees. Security deposits. First and last month’s rent due up front. The bill can be in the thousands before you even consider furnishing your space.

Furnishare makes it easy and affordable by offering subscriptions for your favorite brand name furniture  — all for less than the price of a daily cup of coffee. With a 12 month subscription, pay just $50 a month for any 3 pieces from the Furnishare catalog.  (Three and 6 month subscriptions are available as well.) You can get a bed, sofa and dining set — yes, dining sets count as one piece — for less than $2 a day! Every subscription includes free delivery and setup as well as free return services.

What’s more, when your subscription ends, you can choose to extend it at the same monthly cost or simply have Furnishare take your items away.

Whether you’re moving in, moving out or just looking to redecorate Furnishare makes apartment furnishing as easy as ordering on Amazon.

Furniture-as-a-service: Save 1000s of dollars and stop hauling furniture



Furniture doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars. Moving doesn’t have to involve hauling backbreaking furniture.

Furniture On Demand
Furnishare provides furniture-as-a-service and delivers quality, brand name furniture to your home. You simply choose the pieces you want at prices as low as $50/month per any 3 pieces (ANY- even beds and sofas) and they will deliver it to you. They will also pick it up for free when you’re done with your subscription so you’re free to move or get a whole new set!

Subscriptions Are The Future Of Furniture
There is no reason to pay thousands upfront and then deal with moving the furniture every time you change apartments. With their unique subscription model, you can furnish your whole home for a year for the same monthly price as your cell phone or utility bills (up to 3 pieces at $50/month, 6 pieces at $100/month, 9 pieces at $150/month, etc.).

Your Furniture Stays In Style
People grow and styles change but furniture usually stays the same. Not anymore. With Furnishare’’s “furniture on demand” model and free white glove delivery service, you can change up your style with every new subscription. You can try short subscriptions like 3 or 6 months if you want to experiment with some cool new styles!

When you’re done with your subscription, Furnishare will pick the furniture up for free.

What store is coming to your street? You choose!



More often than not, stores arrive in a neighborhood without the input of the people who actually live there. It’s 2015, and things are changing quickly — especially in New York.

Tired of having no say in which businesses open in your neighborhood? Space Jam Data works with property owners to help bring the businesses that you want to Brooklyn and beyond. With your help, we will bring a store to 362 Graham Avenue that is desired and needed by the community.

Who should be the next occupant of 362 Graham Avenue in Williamsburg? Give us your opinion by texting your store suggestion to 646-693-3334 or by commenting below. If you’d like to get in touch, email [email protected].