FREEwilliamsburg’s Top 25 Albums Of 2016

2016 was the dirt fucking worst. There’s no other way to put it. It seems almost absurd to talk about what a great year it was for music, in light of all of the terrible things that have happened, but music helped us cope a lot over the last twelve months. And serendipitously, a wealth of great records were released this year, as everything else seemed to go for broke. Here are twenty-five of them that allowed us to forget the cruel dystopia that has become our reality, if only for a little while. We needed both their comforts and catharsis, perhaps more than ever before.

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Radiohead releases new song ‘Burn The Witch’

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Top 5 shows of the weekend

Mountain Goats

At the time of writing, it’s supposed to be a pretty gorgeous weekend (Saturday and Sunday, at least), which should hopefully make a good impression as there are a lot of bands from out-of-town in the column this week.

5) Tyvek, Laced, Honey and B-Boys at Silent Barn
Tyvek make the trip from Detroit  Support comes from local bands Laced (who I recently saw supporting Moon Duo) and Honey, but make sure you don’t miss openers B-Boys, who I saw at Death By Audio last year and was hugely impressed, and mightily frustrated that I haven’t seen them around since, but I did track down a bandcamp track below. In fact, there’s something about this show that doesn’t quite seem right that it’s not at DBA… Saturday 8pm

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 track=2949244956 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]

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Radiohead’s Polyfauna 2.0 NSFA (Not Safe For Acid)


A trip through a virtual landscape…replete with its own soundtrack.

Radiohead has just released their Polyfauna app version 2.0. Version 1.0 came out earlier this year to herald music from their King Of Limbs session. Not only does it feature new tracks, but invites viewers to explore several digital landscapes. Leveraging IOS devices’ altimeters, users can pan 360 degrees, look up, and look down, all within a 360-degree environment. No instructions here. Rather, you skip from visual track to visual track by tripping the light fantastic following spirals and ‘Bit’s (think the ‘Yes/No’ character from the first Tron film). [Read more…]

The Most Blogged About Shows This Week


So… the My Social List top ten for the week is broken right now.  All we have for you is a top four, until we get things straightened out.  Why?  Because we deleted the Bobby Womack and Willis Earl Beal Summer Stage show that is being rescheduled for sometime in July.   For some reason, it made everything all wonky.  The show is being rescheduled due to “sickness” of some kind, but I’m guessing it has more to do with Willis Earl Beal’s detainment from kicking a homeless man in the face in Amsterdam.  He’s since been released, but that kick had ramifications beyond his wildest dreams… namely, it means this list is going to be ORGANICALLY CURATED by me.

The most blogged about show this week is a no-brainer; algorithm or not, and that’s Radiohead and Caribou at the Prudential Center.  The My Social List machine seems to feel that tonight’s set is more blogged than tomorrow’s set, but I’m envious of anyone who got tickets to either night.  Well, kind of.  I definitely would have coughed up the dough to see Radiohead this time around, had I not been one of the lucky few who was able to secure tickets to one of their Roseland shows this past September.  I will say this: If you’re a King of Limbs detractor, like I was, be prepared to be reborn, because all of the songs sound absolutely incredible live.

If you’re not schlepping out to Newark tonight, schlep to downtown Brooklyn instead, because Thurston Moore is playing a set, consisting largely of songs off of his excellent LP, Psychic Hearts, at Roulette tonight.  He’ll be joined by Bill Nace and Joe McPhee.  I caught his set at Maxwell’s earlier this year and you definitely won’t want to miss this one.  It’s not Sonic Youth… but it’s the next best thing, no disrespect to Lee Ranaldo (who also put on a great show at Glasslands in January.)

There’s a lot of great options for you this weekend, beginning with tUnE-yArDs Terminal 5 show tomorrow night, and ending with Blondes, JDH & Dave P and Paul Raffaele at the Dekalb Market on Sunday.  SANDWICHED IN BETWEEN, there’s Porcelain Raft, Firehorse & Jane Jane Pollock at Mercury Lounge tomorrow; Woodsman, Dustin Wong & Jovontaes Herbcraft at Big Snow Buffalo Lounge (also tomorrow); and a BIRTHDAY PARTY and loft shitshow over at Cheap Storage in Bushwick with Total Slacker, Night Manager, Heaven’s Gate and Turnip King Saturday night.  You’ll want to catch that one if you’ve managed to miss Total Slacker or Night Manager over the past year (and if you go to shows, I’m not sure if that’s possible), as they’re heading out on a mini-tour of the east coast/mid-west in June.

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