Captured live: Quiet Loudly at Europa

Quiet Loudly live at Europa on 4/13/2013 during Brain Cave Festival. Shot by Justin Little.


Captured live: Passenger Peru @ Shea Stadium

This past Friday I was invited to the Passenger Peru EP release party by Quiet Loudly. Everyone who performed did a great job. It was an all around good night at Shea Stadium. Thanks for having me! Here is a clip of Passenger Peru doing their thing. Enjoy lads!


Captured live: Quiet Loudly @ Shea Stadium

I went over to Shea Stadium for the first time on Friday. I really enjoyed it. I’d love to own something along the lines of Shea. It’s like a big loft with a huge stage and a bunch of rooms. Reminds me of the Live at the Loft show. My buddies from Quiet Loudly invited me over for an intimate set. I’m use to seeing them on some huge stage with a bunch of people and I can barely move to capture anything. This place was big enough that a decent amount of people could relax in comfort and I could have some fun shooting. This clip is long overdue. Glad I finally got a really cool one of you dudes. Enjoy!


Captured live at the Northside Festival: Quiet Loudly

Justin Little, June 17, 2012
Quiet Loudly always delivers, so what makes anyone think this would be any different? Good stage presence, great sound, and fans singing word for word is a great recipe for a fiesta! Great set guys! Other than Tony’s nonexistent rat tail I really enjoyed the set.

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