Have you seen this sick bastard who stole a puppy in Bushwick?

The incident happened on Monday at Knickerbocker Laundry Station in Bushwick:

A man was caught on video stealing a 4-month-old puppy named Pippen from a locked room in a Bushwick laundromat Monday afternoon, police said. [Read more…]

Eva’s Play Pups

Do you have a dog? When you leave town and can’t bring your cutie little pup with you and your friends and family members refuse to dog sit (how rude), there is a place to board your dog, and by board, I mean send the pooch to doggie heaven: Eva’s Play Pups, specifically their countryside boarding program, relocating your man’s-best-friend to their 52-acre farm just off of North Eastern Pennsylvania for the weekend and/or holidays

We have 52 acres of open fields, woods and a swimming pond with 5 fenced in acres where clients’ dogs can run and play all day long…We have a fully air conditioned and heated kennel building with dog beds, crates, and a doggy bath tub.

…Talk about a nice break from the city!

For more info on Eva’s Play Pups, visit their site: evasplaypups.com.