The Acheron is Back…as the Best Punk Bar in Brooklyn


We’re all familiar with the ghost stories of NYC venues past. CBGB gets co-opted by John Varvatos — CBGB-ish peddler of Billy Joe Armstrong-approved looks and wares. North 6th is snatched up and scrubbed down by Bowery Presents and Ticketmaster’s hamster-powered server farm. 285 Kent and DBA finally slip into Murdoch’s yawning cultural detritus, with lines of former and future Vice employees lining the South 2nd sidewalks in those final weeks to glean Snapchat capital/”say goodbye”/covertly peruse their new cubicle spaces.

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Perfect Pussy melts faces tonight at Shea Stadium

Didn’t snag tickets for tonight’s show? Don’t cry. We’re pretty sure they will be back.  And in the meantime, here is a little taste of what being in a kick-ass punk band is like, from Perfect Pussy’s bassist Greg Ambler:

FreeWilliamsburg: Last time you were in Brooklyn, you played two shows in the same night- The Knitting Factory and Saint Vitus. How did you keep up? What was different between the two sets?

Greg Ambler: I keep up by smoking tons of weed and play the same regardless of where I am or who is watching. I attempted to snap my bass in half at St.Vitus and ended up just fucking up my knee which was probably pretty funny to watch.

FW: Who do you listening to when you’re on tour? What other bands are out there now that inspire you? [Read more…]

Hoax played The Acheron

Latest punk ‘darlings’ Hoax ravaged The Acheron last weekend. Watch the entire set below.

New Photo Exhibit At Sage Showcases Restaurant’s Punk Rock Roots

via Sage

Indie music and Thai food may not seem like the most logical pairing, but a new Thai restaurant on Graham Ave. actually has its roots in the scene. Sage, which opened in May and is located at 301 Graham Ave. (at Ainsley), was inspired by the longtime friends and business partners behind Generation Records, an East Village punk, metal, and hardcore record store that occupied Thompson Street for twenty years. In tune with its musical background, Sage is hosting a photography exhibit later this month that will feature “prominent and influential indie bands on tour in the late ’80s through ’90s, all black and white photography, original and unique prints,” a rep tells FREEwilliamsburg.

The artist behind the exhibit is Bert Queiroz, a Brooklyn-by-way-of-Washington, D.C.-based musician and photographer. Querioz’s website says he “was one of the original members of the punk and hardcore scene that gave birth to such influential bands as Minor Threat, Bad Brains, and Fugazi.” The exhibit will be in Sage’s bar area and will open with a reception on October 30th from 8-10 p.m.

Click here for more on Sage, located at 301 Graham Ave. (at Ainsley).

NSFW! Tinsel Teeth & Doomsday Student played Death By Audio

Punk meets Art. Rhode Island maniacs Tinsel Teeth and Doomsday Student (ex Arab On Radar) ravished Death by Audio on Saturday. Tinsel Teeth are easily amongst the most ‘physical’ live performers out there, while Doomsday Student flat out make your ears explode with their signature No Wave assaults. NSFW video edits of both sets are below.

13 Thames an Underground, Anarchist Collective

image c/o The Indypendent

Although my experience of the venue was less anarchist and more casual DIY fun, Alternet provides an intimate portrait of the 13 Thames lifestyle.  The “punk house in deep Bushwick, [where] a collective of punks lives a communal lifestyle that shuns government greed, while their music and art blast government corruption” made news last year when police raided the space.

According to the Alternet author:

At 13 Thames, one might meet a Trinidian black metal kid who grew up in Bed-Stuy, a punk rock woman mechanic who worked for six years at a law firm, a dreadlocked community gardener, or an interestingly “off” German man. They come together to accept people that society fails and rejects, and they pride themselves on open-mindedness. And then they party – often with a conscience. They throw film screenings, noise, metal, and punk shows, art galleries, showcasing whatever parcel of the underground they deem cool enough.

This is pretty bohemian though. Read the whole story at Alternet.