Band Alert – New Myths

Jack In The Pocket

Three girls with the names of Rosie Glassman, Britney Bora and Marina Ross have formed a band called New Myths. On March 11th, they released a self titled EP with breezy vocals gathered on a psychedelic rock foundation. This trio force is haunted by the buttery woos and whispers from each member. Their harmonies compliment their pretty hair as they sway back and forth to the background dance tempo. New Myths’ EP contains three tracks, all in the three minutes range and “It Burns Through Your Armor” is a personal favorite. Today, the girls have decided to make this EP “name your price”(huzzah!). Three alluring songs from three alluring girls, what’s not to like? Visit New Myths bandcamp here.

Let loose

Looking for something to do tonight? If you feel like getting your end of week started with a pretty sweet show and/or generally like fun, head over to Union Hall tonight to party with Psychic Teens, Carved Up, Hannibal Montana (amazing band name,) and Zula. Psychic Teens describe themselves as “regular adults from Philadelphia that sound like that time you spotted your creepy metalhead brother at 80s night.” What about that doesn’t say fun. Carved Up, who just added a vocalist for the first time, will supply the face melting. All of the bands bring something a little different to the bill. This is no chillwaveshoegaze-a-thon, come prepared to let loose…real loose.

Buy tickets here.

Quilt played Glasslands

image c/o Mexican Summer

Did you miss the Quilt EP release show at Glasslands last night? Bummer.

Quilt is a band from Boston, one that will hopefully be gracing Brooklyn with much more of it’s presence. The band is primarily made up of one part Shane Butler and the other Anna Fox Rochinski (the record also has some Taylor Mcvay thrown in there.) Concocting expansive 60’s inspired psych, I’m particularly a fan of Quilt because they seem to focus on just doing their own thing.

Quilts self-titled album just came out of Mexican Summer, which you can purchase here.

If you did miss the show…stream some of their music here, close your eyes, and just pretend you didn’t.

New Psychobuildings Video

Psychobuildings have a new video out by fellow Brooklynite, director Yoonha Park, who also directed the super gorgeous video for Washed Out’s, “Amor Fati.” Not only does Psychobuildings’ frontman Peter LaBier have some legit moves… but that spandex outfit might be the greatest.

Psychobuildings are having an EP release party at Glasslands this Sunday, Nov 13th with Papertwin, Modern Rivals, Robotdrummer, and MNDR (DJ set) Tickets here.

Psychobuildings: Terror Management from Yoonha Park on Vimeo.