Brand New makes fans’ dreams come true with “I Am A Nightmare”

I Am A Nightmare

Over a year ago, fans of notoriously reclusive, reticent Long Island natives Brand New were treated to the band’s first new music in six years—a track called “Mene,” which was punishing and laden with biblical themes and lyricism.

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Courtesy Tier – Cold

Courtesy Tier released their video “Cold” to the world to today! I love it! Let me know what you think.


Video Premiere: Slothrust – The Couch Incident

Our friends over at Meerkat Media just sent us over their latest video for Slothrust’s The Couch Incident. The sofa-bound lead singer is confronted by her very younger self, and instead of some lovey-dovey, idyllic realization about ourselves as children, shit gets real when the girl turns out to be elusive, destructive, and violent. The song reminds me a little bit of what the At The Drive In would be like if they had listened to more death metal.

Slothrust was recently a featured artist at Adrian Grenier’s Brooklyn studio (which I did not know was even a thing), Wreckroom.