There was a huge pot bust in Greenpoint over the weekend


Meanwhile, we keep forgetting it hasn’t been legalized. From Gothamist:

400 pounds of beautiful-looking marijuana was seized by the NYPD in a big Greenpoint drug bust this week. First 300 pounds of the mouth-watering weed was discovered in a container that two men allegedly picked up at ABF Freight on the banks of Newtown Creek in East Williamsburg on Wednesday. They then allegedly drove it to 234 Java Street in Greenpoint, where officers acting on a search warrant found another 100 pounds of herb that will never find a good home. [Read more…]

Roberta’s Serves Up A Marijuana Margherita Pizza On Pot Tasting Menu

How do we get a private tasting? via GQ:

That’s why we turned to our friends at Roberta’s, in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a pizzeria-cum-culinary-empire whose bold tasting menu recently caused former New York Times restaurant critic Sam Sifton to tweet, simply: “Am rarely speechless. But #robertas #bklyn.” The guys who run the place are whip-smart and wild-eyed, such hard partiers that a night out with them is equal to three nights out with average men. And so they set about designing a threecourse, two-cocktail weed tasting menu that would leave us stoned and sated. We were still high twenty-four hours after eating it […]

Pizza Course
Margherita: marijuananara sauce, buffalo mozzarella, “oregano”

Pot pesto: ricotta, prosciutto cotto, hemp-seed dough

(Most stoners have to smoke their weed and then eat their pizza. But not me.)

Parsley cake made with weed butter, topped with a weed-brittle sheet; green-strawberryrhubarb gelato with weed cream

(My scrawled notes read “This needz 2 happen allo the time.”)

More information about Roberta’s here.

Zach Galifianakis Smokes Pot

One of  Brooklyn’s favorite comedians got quite a few laughs on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher. Zach Galifianakis lit up what appeared to be a joint in the middle of a discussion about California’s Proposition 19, which would legalize  recreational use and growing of marijuana in the state. To the shock of  other panelists and even Maher, Galifianakis might of lit up to make the point that marijuana use does not equate to wild erratic behavior as he suggested many people probably think, thus making it taboo. Interesting point Zach, though some might call smoking weed on live television somewhat erratic. That said, you could also look at his act as a protest, thus protected under the first amendment. No official word on whether the spliff was real or not, but other panelists seemed to confirm it based on smell. Either way, California voters will weigh in tomorrow on the question of legalizing pot. If Prop 19 passes, will New York follow suit?

Concluding Unscientific Postscript: Really though, check out the entirety of the discussion and/or embedded links to more of the video. There is an interesting conversation going on. Relatively valid points on both sides.