The Levee has a fantastic new anti-Trump mural


Brokelyn is delighted that Williamsburg institution the Levee has weathered the rent hikes and gentrification that have plagued the neighborhood. We are too. It’s a great bar that just improved, well, bigly!

The bar we check on every week out of fear it’s finally being turned into an M&M Store/Lexus dealership mega complex is still holding strong, and is still at it with the great street art. The bar just unveiled a new mural yesterday on its North 3rd Street-facing side created by Damien Mitchell. It shows a winking Vladimir Putin taking off his Trump mask, which is to date the worst cosplay to wear to a party. Not even in your most strung out nights in the old Kokie’s days would you imagine a world where this art would be necessary in 2017.

It’s fitting that the bar known for serving dayglo orange cheeseballs has an ‘homage’ to our president, a soggy mound of cheese puffs in an ill-fitted suit. As you can see below, the mural is fantastic. Now, head over to the Levee to check it out yourself. [Read more…]

“What the F*ck, Chuck?” Rally to be held outside of Senator’s Park Slope home today

via DNAinfo, courtesy of Tracy Tullis

via DNAinfo, courtesy of Tracy Tullis

Just when we thought the Senate was there to protect us from bad calls made by the president, many Democrats have voted in favor of Trump’s cabinet nominees—including New York Senator Chuck Schumer [Read more…]

Someone hung a ‘Build Bridges, Not Walls’ banner from the Manhattan Bridge this morning

And the resistance continues! Authorities have since removed the banner, but it was up for most of the morning — assuredly pissing off our thin-skinned Commander-in-Chief.

The bridge was draped with a Putin banner back in the Fall. [Read more…]

March & rally in protest of the Muslim Ban Sunday at Battery Park


Protest the unlawful, un-American, unconstitutional Muslim ban today at 2pm. Large crowds assembled at airports across the country yesterday outraged by the detainments. Now, New Yorkers will be gathering by the Statue of Liberty viewpoint to voice their opposition:

In a true show of force, thousands of people descended upon JFK calling for the release of dozens of refugees and immigrants who were being detained, questioned, and refused entry to the United States.

Due to the collective efforts of advocacy groups and organizers in New York, the Federal Court for the Eastern District of New York has now issued a temporary stay halting President Donald Trump’s executive order. [Read more…]

Where to protest the Trump regime and inauguration in NYC

Can’t make the trek down to DC this week to protest the Tangerine Dipshit and his racist, anti-feminist, hateful policies? There are plenty of events happening in New York. The three largest events are happening this week:

What: We Stand United – NYC Rally on Night Before Trump’s Inauguration
Where: Outside of Trump International Hotel and Tower (New York City) Corner of Central Park West and West 61st Street [Read more…]

It’s election day, VOTE goddammit. When you’re done check these out:


Have you voted yet? No? Are you insane. Stop reading this post and head to the polls. We need to keep that orange hobgoblin who’s been terrorizing America for the last year and a half out of office.

What’s that you say? You’ve already voted. Great job. Pat yourself on the back and check out some election highlight from some of our favorite artists:

Lady Madonna was in Washington Square Park last night, performing an impromptu pro-Hillary concert. Here’s Madge singing “Imagine.” (Full set here.)

[Read more…]

More ‘All Seeing Trump’ sightings in NY as artists launch website and new video


The people behind the Trump Zoltar machine spotted in Greenpoint earlier this week, have now launched a website and video, posted below. [Read more…]

Trump Zoltar machine spotted in Greenpoint


h/t Gothamist who reports that the talking Trump machine was packed away in a van after the video was shot. Where will it appear next?