This Saturday: 3rd Ward’s 6th Annual Pig Roast


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Mark your calendar, our 6th Annual Pig Roast is July 27! Join us for a summery celebration of gut-splitting proportions. Our friends at Fitzcarraldo will be roasting a pig and serving up delicious summer sides. Plus we will have music, dancing, Coolhaus treats, double dutch, workshops, The Self Portrait Project and more!

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Sunday Pig Roasts at Crown Victoria

From the inbox:

John Ratliff of Ends Meat (formally of Anella & Calyer) and Jose Ramierz-Ruiz (formally of Isa) are now doing weekly pig roasts at Crown Vic in Williamsburg on Sundays. The pigs are heritage breed from a local farm and roasted over custom built rotating spits.The chefs roasts the pigs all day starting at noon till the meat runs out in different styles that vary each week. 2 weeks ago they did a riff on babi guling from Ibu Oka in Bali. The meat comes with an assortment of sides, and the plates usually go for around $15-17. Starts at 5 until pigs gone. Usually 10

More information about Crown Victoria bar here.