See photos of old Williamsburg thanks to the NY Public Library, A new site from the NY Public Library debuted today and it lets you see old NYC photos with their corresponding geographic locations. Here’s a few photos of [Read more…]

Subway PSAs from the 40s and 70s & Kubrick’s vintage subway photos

“Find yourself swept along on an endless tide of humanity” – a Seventies PSA for the New York subway system:

This one from the 40s is great too:

Gothamist has some fantastic subway photos from Stanley Kubrick: [Read more…]

Photo: A time lapse of the fireworks from Williamsburg


Check out this great time lapse shot by Glenn Wester of 30 minutes of fireworks viewed from Williamsburg last night. Via Gothamist

Dispatches From The Governor’s Ball

Note: a version of this piece first appeared on Big Ass Lens, Sunday, June 24th. Though the text is reprinted in its entirety, the gallery presented here contains photos that differ from the original posting.

Standing at the foot of the bridge, with its green paint and imposing size, I tried to predict what lay ahead of me. It was the Saturday of Governor’s Ball, and we had packed no less than 10 waters, an eighth of the good stuff, some mildly addictive stimulants, and a schedule that included Santigold, Major Lazor, Passion Pit and Duck Sauce. Would we manage to smuggle our goodies in? Would security deny the lens and all its girth? We had more questions than answers, yet we looked ahead to a day of hard partying, oversized beers, and shellfish sandwiches. There was no mistaking: today was going to rule, and nothing was going to stop us.

Time to pass through security. I think I’ll choose the line with the friendly black lady who might be more lenient with me. I pass through without a problem. I breathe a sigh of relief and stroll into the open field, passing bodies clad in neon threads, eyes obscured by bright sunglasses, honeys all around. Dance music blares from afar; although we do not know who plays, it is a welcome sound that passed through our chests, filling it with anticipation and hope for the fun times ahead. Today, we shall party and dance with reckless abandon without regard for tomorrow.

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New Photo Series Captures McCarren Park Pool From Before Its Renovation

Courtesy Gina Pollack

The McCarren Park Pool may be reopening this month with a fancy spray shower beach and tropical cerulean blue paint, but it’s evolution since closing to swimmers in 1984 has been anything but picturesque. But Brooklyn-based photographer Gina Pollack found beauty in the breakdown and in an exhibit opening this Friday, June 8th, Pollack displays images of the pool as it may soon be forgotten.

“The images capture the decaying pool after 28 years of abandonment,” Pollack told FREEWilliamsburg. “I chose to show the photos the same month that the pool is re-opening to draw attention to the structure’s interaction with the changing neighborhood.” The photos are from fall 2009 when Pollack climbed over a construction fence, eager to capture the pool at that moment in time.

The exhibit opens on Friday at The One Well (165 Greenpoint Ave.) and will run for one month. Admission is free. Friday’s opening reception is from 7-10 p.m.

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It was the last night before the city-leveling, apocalypse-inciting, where-is-your-God-now natural disaster of the century that was (or wasn’t?) Hurricane Irene so, naturally, things at Webster Hall‘s Friday night Trash party were going to get a little weird. Well…take a look for yourself…

“Why is he looking at us like that?…Hey! You tripping balls, dude? What’s going on?…”

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Pinkies out! There ain’t nothing wrong with killer tunes, a stellar view, and vodka cocktail specials on a Monday night. The folks over at Kanon have been keeping the guests of their Summer Sessions very happy all season with their organic vodka-fueled soirées in the disgustingly beautiful penthouse of the Mondrian Soho. Stay tuned to host Nicky Digital for details on their next event!

No, this is a birthday suit.

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Mondays suck? Not anymore, Garfields of the world, not anymore…
Once a month, DJs Max and Sören hop over to (le) Poisson Rouge from Spain (it’s a pretty big hop) for Nasty Monday, bringing with them their own special mix of 50’s rockabilly, 80’s new wave, 90’s grunge, and the best of what’s spinning today. Max and Sören hit LPR last Monday and, well, let’s just say Tuesday morning wasn’t so hot…

We though Irene wasn’t supposed to hit until Sunday…
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